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Meet me half way
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  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Illinois United States
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About Me

If distance isn't a problem for you, or even if you want someone to just talk too...keep reading. If not, maybe in the future sorry.

Id like to point out that they're a lot of people of faith on here. I do not believe in god, I have nothing against people who do, but I'm not going to have the concept being brought up as an excuse to support your reasoning for the way people should live, how they do things, and why things are what they are.
We're all people. We make the choices ourselves. We are all different in nature. Stop using religion as an excuse to better yourself as a person or an excuse for forgiveness. Do it for yourself and the people you love.

Also, they're are a lot of moms on here. I have nothing against kids. Kids are amazing part of life, but if your one of those parents that doesn't spend time with their kids, teach them, and help them grow. I'll turn around and walk away. Cant stand poor parenting. I can't judge because I'm not one, but I've been through it, lived it, and seen it. I give 100% acknowledgment to all the ones doing a great job.

I work full time as a custodian. Don't judge me because of my job. It pays well, the benefits are great, and the schedule works with my schooling.

I also have to spend at least 2 hours-4 times a week going to school through Ai Online.
I'm currently in the progress of obtaining my bachelors in Graphic design. I hope to find an internship in advertising after graduating or in illustrating graphics.
I'm very motivated and reliable. I'm very independent so I'm not someone you need to take care off and I'm not looking to take care of you. I want someone stable and has their own life happening already.

I want someone open about their life. I don't need a woman that likes to complain about her space and privacy *its a shady excuse to do whatever you want without any regard of myself*. If your like this, why be in a relationship?.
I like honesty. I wont lie to you, id hope you wouldn't lie to me because it's a deal breaker and I will make that clear right away.

I'm the type of person that gets stuck within my own thoughts. I tend to over think things, which is why I require complete honesty, so things are always straight. I always think about other peoples feeling before my own.

I'm some what shy, unless your good at making conversation. I like to listen and I have no problem talking as long as the topics interesting. I have a soft voice, strong heart, and a firm head on my shoulders.

I'm not here to play around with anyone..i want to meet new people, experience new things, and find that connection that we all seek.

I'm not huge on sports, but I do watch NASCAR with my dad on Sundays and I do like watching football. Saints fan, but I always root for the Bears as well.

I consider myself pretty active even though sometimes i can be pretty busy with school. When i have time i like to go on long walks , workout, swim , gymnastics.

I love cookouts, having a cold beer, and listing to some radio.

I'm also artsy.If all else fails, i like to sit down and draw and work on refining my craft.

I don't play any instruments. Ive tried. Perhaps you could be the one to teach me?

When it comes to music, I'm pretty open, but i really just don't enjoy country at all.

I like to go out to eat at places like olive garden or old Chicago. Pizza and pasta are mt favorite food.

I'm very family oriented. I know I will always have them and they will always have me
If I laying on my face, I can anyways count on them to pick me back up.

If you decide to message me, please have questions to ask and seem enthused.
Nothing worse then 3 word sentences.

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What I'm Looking For

Just make sure you able to live on your own before trying to live with me. Not trying to take care of anyone, that can't do it themselves.

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