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Looking for marriage minded ready for new life
Online: 2265 days ago   Updated: 2265 days ago   Joined: 2265 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 54   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: lyndonville New York United States
The Details
Body Type:
  A few extra pounds
Eye Colour:
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Sexual Orientation:
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About Me

******* I AM NOT HERE FOR GAMES ********

Age - Looks - Race - Disability - Ability - $$$ Don't matter to me

My heart shows in my poetry if you want to know more Shout I will be happy to reply

* I AM NOT HERE FOR GAMES * Sincere hearted -- Communicators NEED APPLY ONLY....

Im a simple man living a simple life not materialistic / worldly
I work for my self doing computer / electronic repair.
I love to travel across the country - night drives to no where - adventures - exploring
I love salmon / trout fishing - Outdoors, Nature, Trail walking, Boating, Camping and much more.

I am considered by my friends as a Man of true heart
If you stop to smell the flowers I am there absorbing it all with you
I prefer to pick wild flowers to fill my home over any bought in a florist

I love growing my own garden and picking wild berries - Canning, making Jelly and Wine sharing it with friends and family.

I am a man of many trades the so called Jack of trades
I believe there is nothing one can not do to the best of their ability.
sometimes all people need is understanding, education, or a helping hand to reach their goal

Im not perfect I have made many mistakes and bad choices in my life and will make many more before I am done on this earth.
I love animals but more fond of Chihuahua dogs

I live in a beautiful 3 bedroom house on Lake Ontario ** see photos **
Will you come join me.
What do you have to offer me to come join you. ** Not afraid to relocate **

You want to learn more give me a shout

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What I'm Looking For

Are you Outgoing
Are you Goofy
Are you fun loving, Caring, Giving,
Do you like Fires by the lake, Watching the stars at night, Sitting along the beach,
Walking country roads, Parks, Trails,
Do you love ADVENTURE, Spontaneity

** Do you know meeting some one knew requires making changes in your daily life / living **
Are you sincerely ready - Open minded for the change and committed to making long term relationship
** WORK ** in your life

Is it you that I see in my dream's

At the end of the day
I lay back and look into the mystical universe
In all it glory and beauty
As the world turns and sometimes the clouds drift slowly by
We see stars shooting across heavens
We see multi array of colors reflections of the sun
I close my eyes and drift away
I see a beautiful woman
One with a heart of kindness, understanding, and loving
The soft touch of her hands fills the soul with warmth
One look into her eyes I see the mystical universe unfold in all its glory the secret to it all
Lays with in her heart
I awake to the sounds of birds singing their morning song
I awake to the smell of flowers opening with the morning dew
I look around the majestic beauty of it all and reach out to hold it,
To capture it all and lock it away but my petite arms are far too small, To limited, To hold such beauty I bow my head and begin to cry
Then I feel her warm hand in mine as she looks to the east and slowly moves to the west, with her hand stretched out. I look into her eyes,
I begin to see all this mystical beautiful universe is HOLDING ME !!!

How about this one
Wings of white
heart of gold
Now comes the feelings as two hearts
unite as one

whoooo whhooo

I am glad you're here to stay
life will never be the same

looking at you what more can I say
you are the beauty of perfection

wings of white
heart of gold
now comes the feelings as two hearts unite as one

the warm touch of your hand
gentle and soft

Your mystical smile
and eyes like the universe
beauty to the depths of your soul it all unfolds.


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