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Don't drive me crazy, it's within walking distance
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  Age: 64   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Texas United States
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  Casual, Average
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About Me

Don't drive me crazy -- it's within walking distance. I'm already crazy but at least I'm a fun crazy. I love laughter, jokes being playful and having fun but I also have a serious side. Practical jokes never seem very practical and slapstick also gets a little too mean. I'm an adult, a woman, a lady but there's a kid in me that likes to stay young.

Bikini, shorts, blue jean kinda gal who likes to put on the little black dress as well.
I'd rather be fishing for dinner than wasting my time shopping at the mall. I love shopping like most women but I like looking for the bargains, thrift stores and garage sales.

I've traveled coast to coast in the south except for Virginia. I want to experience a little of all the U.S. eventually but yearn to see Alaska and Oregon. I'd love my bikini to lay on the beaches of Tahiti, Australia or Mexico. My travel desires however extend way beyond beaches.

Fishing is excitement, ecstasy, relaxation, intensity, stress relief and dinner. I never get to go as often as I like but my equipment is always ready and by the door. Camping is fun as well. Cozying up to the fire, toasting marshmallows, making love in the tent and a fish fry for breakfast comes to my mind. Whether fishing, walking the beach, tanning, or boating. I love the water, fresh or salt.

I love cooking but its no fun cooking for one. I prefer cooking from scratch not from a box cooking tacos-carne gusida-tamales; Lasania-chicken parmesean-ravoli; pies-cakes-cookies; borcht-kiev you name it. I like BBQing with family and friends or a steak dinner for two.

I love to read and there are no limits here. I love the classics, novels, but I prefer reading non-fiction and I read cookbooks like other women read romance (I do sneak one in here and there).

I hope one day to have my own house with an arts/crafts room. I love to paint particularly in oils or acrylics. I love to quilt preferably by hand but do often use my machine. I like making quilts for my family out of their old clothes. It adds memories to the quilt. Beading, Christmas ornements, wind chimes or woodworking, whatever, especially on rainy or cold days when its time to stay indoors.

I love anything and everything in nature but gardening is another of my passions. I seldom buy plants but get cuttings from friends or collect them when I'm out walking. These days I plant more in pots but hope one day to have flower beds again. I like to plant vegatables in between the flowers.

I love animals especially dogs, cats and horses. I like birds but outside flying free not inside in a cage with clipped wings. I am not afraid of snakes but respedt the venomous ones but can't handle roaches or crickets.

I love all music except rap and hip hop. I listen to classic 50-60-70's music but also adore Tejano and Cumbia. If you turn on country, classical or even opera I love it. I don't just listen to music but I play the piano. I'm nowhere near playing in a band but love to entertain myself with it.

I'm not perfect but I walk and do aerobics to stay slender. I eat what I want but in moderation and with descretion. I love prime rib, Mexican food, and soups the best but I like most anything but liver. I like my steak rare but my fish and oysters cooked. I like oriental but no sushi for me. I like cajun but the crawdad's were my pets when I was a kid so I just can't bring myself to eat them. I am versitile, open minded and love to try new things. I was once shy and terrified of everything including my own shadow. I was afraid of people and rarely ventured amonst them. My marriage over and kids all grown I went back to school at age 48. I found a new me. I am no longer shy and afraid but love all life has to offer and meeting new people.

What I'm Looking For

I have a picture of my Ideal in my head and fantasys of my prince charming riding in on his white horse and then I wake up. I prefer slender, fit men, who take care of themselves. I like fat and fluffy to be my pillow not my man. I do however look for the beauty within first. I seldom judge by a picture, I like to meet in person.

My ideal man is romantic, sensual, soft hearted, and tender but also strong, intelligent hard working. A man not afraid to love again who enjoys spending time with his woman...me.

I'd like a man who can accept me for who I am and not be overly critical. The only way to change a man is when he is in diapers so I won't attempt to change you. In the same respect I want a man who will share my desires and passions as well.

Most of us are divorced from whom we thought was the love of our lives. We've all moved on and have decided to a T what we want and don't want and how we want live until we die. However, when we find each other we need to integrate our future plans together.

I don't want to be walpaper in a relationship. A something that just hangs around looking pretty, keeps its mouth shut and ready for sex on a dime (this one is negotible but I am no drive thru..grab it and run). Work, hobbies, house, dog, kids, mother, friends are all important but I want and deserve to be your number #1.

I like a man to be comfortable in his clothes but not scruffy unless he's working on a project or job. I like a denim kinda guy but don't mind the look of a man in a suit. Shorts and sandals are ok too. Bald, clean cut or long hair doesn't matter as long as its neat and clean.

Being a good kisser is a must and you must like it a lot. Hugging is a prerequisite. Making out in public is more for teenagers but I'd like a fellow who doesn't mind taking my hand or putting his arm around me where people can see. I enjoy sex and the size doesn't matter but getting the flagpole up is of dire importance. If it happens occasionally that's ok but if it is a problem move on please.

Are you versitile, multifaceted, resourceful, skilled, variable, all around kinda man? Know who you are and comfortable with yourself but don't have your ways etched in concrete? Are you witty, have a good sense of humor, and playful? Do you like eating out as well as eating a home cooked meal? Do love animals and the outdoors. Would you like to snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie with me (classics, war, drama, or an occasional disney...I love em all) but also would you want to take me places occasionally.

If you are in a relationship, under 45 and too heavy to get out of your chair please move on. If you exhibit any of the above characteristics then you're the man for me.


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