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LIfe Is Beautiful when you're with the right one
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  Age: 61   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Winston Salem North Carolina United States
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About Me

My favorite place to go is the beach. What beach? Doesn't matter usually. I enjoy going to beaches that I haven't been to before and checking out lighthouses. I also like going to the mountains and searching out waterfalls. I love to walk a lot when the weather is good. I love going to the movies, out to dinner and meeting new people and music is a must for me...love the blues and alternative rock.

I like playing games...cards and boards that is not mind games. I'm a pretty relaxed person not a drama queen. One thing I can't tolerate is people who are dishonest. The truth hurts much less than lies do. I know it seems acceptable today to tell lies...little white lies...but little white lies only turn into huge hurtful lies so if you fit in this category...please keep on looking.

I don't rush into relationships nor do I want to be rushed. I want to be with the one who can't wait to see me and that I feel the same about him. I won't settle. I know what I want in a man and just can't be with anyone for the sake of being with someone. When I say right person, I mean stable, employed, physically fit, attractive, self supportive. Now let's get more detailed: honest, kind, romantic and very affectionate is a must for me and treats everyone respectful. And the guy I want to be with is the one who loves to receive affection. This is who I am and this is the kind of man that I'm looking for.

I realize that money is not what makes people happy, in fact I find that many people who have money aren't always too happy. I can not be bought...I usually don't accept gifts from someone I just met...why??? because people usually don't give you something for nothing...I won't obligate myself to someone just because they bought me something. I have my own home and a very nice one...I am self supportive...no, I don't need someone to cut my grass or fix stuff...that's what friends and family are for...And no, I'm not rich either...far from it but I have what I need and that's all that's required for me to be happy.

It may be hard to tell from reading my profile but I am a very down to earth person. Like I said, I know what I'm looking for and what I'm not...so I just believe in being honest and upfront. I am not a NC native. I don't care for country living as I have always lived in big ciies until now. It's not country but it's not city either. I am friendly, outgoing, and energetic and willing to try new things. I'm not into hunting, fishing, or country guys...Guys with real strong southern accents...not to be offensive but I can't go there.

Finally, I'm not anyones boy toy...we all have feelings and I am a very deep thinker and my feelings run very deep...so if you are just interested in the hopes that u might get some...think again honey, it ain't gonna happen. I have to get to know someone and build on that...you know...friends first...then decide if we take it to a higher level.

What I'm Looking For

I enjoy meeting new people so for me...talk, socialize...going for a walk, dinner, or drinks. As I stated before, I'm not looking for someone who only wants to be with me for sexual purposes. I love sex but the relationship has to develop first. I want to meet that special someone who is respectful of that and not try to go to far...

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