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  Age: 28   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Minnesota United States
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  Casual, Clean Cut
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  Very Long
About Me

My hobbies include reading, swimming, scuba diving, skiing, biking, knitting, cooking desserts, enjoying nature, browsing internet, canoeing (want to kayak someday too)..past hobbies I no longer do much: fishing/ice fishing (still do just not often),(considering trying hunting next year), video/pc games, sewing,..
I've enjoyed reading since I was a child, though I stuck to teen books until middle school when I started reading adult books. My first book series was Lord of the Rings and I read many scifi/fantasy books for the next couple years. After that I moved into other genres but still follow some of my old authors & am fond of paranormal type books.
I started scuba a couple/few years ago. I mostly go around home, but I have been to Bonaire & Curacao on vacation also. (Which was absolutely beautiful). Bonaire was a pure dive trip and we did both shore & boat diving as well as a night dive. Curacao we went with non divers also so it was more relaxed.
I've been skiing since I was 9 when my dad taught me. I mostly go around home a couple times a winter, but wish I could make it more often. I love cold weather and cant decide what my favorite season is. I love winter, snow is beautiful and its cold, though it can get too cold. Fall the temperatures are pretty perfect, although it can still be warm, and there's the changing colors of the leaves to admire. Spring is nice since I also love rain, its cool, & all the fresh new buds are nice. Summer on the other hand is too hot, unless I'm by some water since I love swimming.
I don't have much interest in music, though i do enjoy it. I listen and somewhat enjoy most kinds of music (exception being rap, some of it gives me a headache.) Some artists included in my playlists are: Sara Bareilles, Nickelback, Adele, The Script, Jewel, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Mat Kearney, Apocalyptica

Other things about me: I have a sarcastic sense of humor. I don't like TV much and can't stand stupid shows: family guy, most comedians, teenager shows/movies, predictable shows. Some ongoing shows that I like are Psych, house, south park, the colbert report (psych is only one I currently follow). Canceled shows I like: firefly, lie to me, can't really think of much as I don't watch tv much and have disliked it in general since i was a kid. I don't kill spiders or most bugs, beetles or centipedes I'd flush down the toilet though. Not afraid of any bugs, just don't believe in killing something unless it is harming you. I enjoy intelligent conversations and playful/non serious debates, learning/trying new things..

What I'm Looking For

Someone intelligent, hardworking, fun, likes similar hobbies to me or willing to try them (skiing, scuba), in shape, taller than my height (5'10"), responsible, kind, good sense of humor, etc

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