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I am looking to stop looking
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  Age: 36   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Melbourne Victoria Australia
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  None but want some soon
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About Me

I see living as being a balance of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. I would hope to find a kindred spirit in this belief. With this balance a person can feel secure without being aloof and a person can see life as a serious venture without taking yourself too seriously. Deep friendship can come from mutually understanding how obvious this perspective is yet how hard it is to achieve the balance. Achieving it in concert with another person is probably the greatest joy in life.

So that was the heavy stuff. I am hard working and enjoy what I do but must admit that there is something missing. So I am looking to fill that void. I am straight forward and honest and when committed to something, or to a person, it is with all I can give. I doubt that anyone puzzles over how I feel.

I grew up in spain and have been accused of retaining MidWest values. I take that as a compliment. I came to California for college and find it a beautiful state though challenged in the political arena. My preference is to be outside though my work is largely inside. Most anything is interesting, whether standing still or moving quickly. And it is even more interesting when shared with a like minded person. I do think that life is more in the telling than in the living. By this I mean that we live a moment once but can tell others about that moment as many times as we want. So a trip to Paris or a great football game can produce wonderful moments over and over again.

Finally, if I want to escape I go to my virtual ranch in the aspens of southern Colorado or to watch/hear/smell the waves in Cayucus or to a lake in eastern Tennessee. The mind can take you anywhere, but I do actually want to be there some day.

What I'm Looking For

i believe that The strength of a successful relationship comes from being honest and faithful to the person you love. It takes compassion and understanding to gain the trust of a person, so it is important to me that I find a man with such traits. I appreciate honesty in a man, but I don't judge a relationship by it. It is more important to me that he is compassionate with people, loving in his actions. faithful and loyal in his behavior. I respect and value a man who is sensitive, considerate and kind because these traits are the hallmark of a man who will be a great father to his children and a loving husband to his wife.

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