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Hi, my name is Matthew. =D
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  Age: 32   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: North Carolina United States
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About Me

My name is Matthew, I work fast food at the moment but my goal in life is to work with computers and maybe security. I'm going back to school to get a tech degree in the field of computers and maybe security cause I am sure on the computer but not the security part. My lifetime goal is to have a family 2 or more children. I want my family and God to always come first in my life. I'd love a good job to support them one day but the job will never come ahead of the ones I love.

I'm looking for my soul mate someone that connects with me completely. My best friend in good and bad. I just got out of a relationship based around only texting and we talked on the phone every 6 weeks. I don't mind texting but I want to hear a voice with the conversation. I'm kind of a romantic I have 3 older sisters so I was forced to watch every romance movie under the sun, I grew to enjoy them and I want something like those in a match. I love the thought of talking with someone on the phone right before bed and we're both tired from the day and we fall asleep talking with each other.

I love animals my favorite being dogs. The only animal I do not like are birds just cause I believe they cry for no reason. I don't want to go over board with animals but I would like animals to be part of my life either rescue some or have some as family pets.

My interests are Movies and shows, I enjoy watching them on netflix and I would like to have a collection of my favorites some day. I enjoy any type of movie horror, comedy, drama, romance, action, you name it. Video games is another interest I have I enjoy playing an hour or two a day to get my mind off things. I would enjoy playing video games with my match but I don't want my life to revolve around playing a game.

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for a friend, my soul mate. Someone that enjoys to talk I don't mind if she is shy cause I am shy but I would like us to grow into talking on the phone. Someone who is sweet kind but not afraid to be sarcastic and say what's on her mind.
I'm looking for someone with a love for both children and animals, I don't mind if she likes birds. =) I'm looking for someone who wants to be a mother and wife first and walks with God on a daily basis. I don't go to church at the moment but I am looking for someone who would go to church with me. I am a Baptist but I am still soul searching I believe in the King James Bible first and foremost. I've seen a few Baptists I believe and I seen a few I don't so I'm finding it hard to say I am anything but a believer of the King James Bible.


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