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Igotatan, naturally,lol
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  Age: 46   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Erie Pennsylvania United States
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Thanks for taking a peek :) I'm a single, divorced Father of three, Ready to take that next step in my life, after a 12 year marriage, I've had my ups, n downs in the relationship dept, who hasn't? (Double standards don't work, n Drama won't do) But I feel that: Trust, Honesty, great chemistry, teamwork, passion, and patience is what a relationship should encompass.
I have great friends who tell me I'm extremely funny to be around, an believe you should have a good laugh at least once a day, as if it were your vitamins,
I enjoy dancing, cooking, singing, golfing, conjuring laughter, dressing up, or getting dirty, and finding out of the way places, tryng new cuisines, and experiences, yet can throw a mean cookout, and margarita party at home, I've been told I'm an exceptional chef, having grilled or cooked for just about everyone at my work, I've traveled alot and enjoy adapting, I'm kind of old fashioned, having an elderly father, and seen alot of the old classic movies, and musicals I still believe in chivalry, and being friends first, and I enjoy PDAs, I'm always helpin others out when needed, and thoughly believe in payin it forward.
I'm very handy, and can tinker on anything mechanical, including PCs, In my free time, you can find me mostly on my Honda in warm weather, on the way to the beach, or some outdoor activity.
In winter, I downhill, PC Surf-n-game, read about the newest of new sciences, and try to find a way to get to warmer weather, Bike week in Daytona, or just cruising US-1, would be ideal.
I love most music from every era, my favs being The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, ACDC, Cream, Traffic, Al Green, James Brown,STP,classic VH, etc, not too much of a reader, for I much rather do it instead. When I do read, its, cheesy Bond-style or old world action stories (W.E.B. Griffin)most of which include the gorgeous heroine in some sort of peril. I'm into action, and historically correct movies mostly, but will sit through a romance(chick flick), or tear jerker, with no problem as long as the popcorn is extra buttery.

If you don't mind a funny, dark, shorter guy, with a big heart, Then give me a text sometime.lol

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I'm looking for a free spirited woman, whom has already acheived her primary goals, and is searching for "what the next step will bring".


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