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Looking for a loving, kind (perhaps country) boy.
Online: 2422 days ago   Updated: 2429 days ago   Joined: 2429 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 25   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Maryland United States
The Details
Body Type:
  Casual, Average
Eye Colour:
  Blue, Green
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  Shoulder Length
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About Me

I love nature, animals and the environment. Because of this, I love horse-back riding and other activities that involve nature.
I am hoping to become a veterinarian, doctor or research scientist of some kind.
I love reading, writing and art as well as movies and TV shows (especially from the 80s/90s!).
I listen to almost all types of music but mostly country, class rock, and modern rock.

I'd like to consider myself to have more than average intelligence.
Therefore, in a partner I'm looking for someone who can understand me.
I like to engage in challenging things such as mastering any type of activity whether they be academic or leisurely.
I am becoming more ambitious in college, and am striving to best the best in my classes right now. I like science in general. I love mental challenges and psychology.
I am wise and have good self-esteem. I am not looking for someone to boost me up; I don't need 24/7 reassurance. One's opinion of oneself should be solidified before engaging in a relationship with someone else otherwise it is unbalanced.
I have only been in one "serious" relationship and it was overtaken by immaturity and lust; the other person was unfaithful. I am very happy being single at this point in my life and have no issue enjoying being by myself at many times; I am not overly clingy or needy. I enjoy staying at home when I have free time and getting ahead in my classes, or making graphics for multiple websites that I periodically work on, or doing art or reading.
I am typically self-taught for many things.
I am fascinated with the psychology of all animals, including humans. On a side note, I also "love" animals in general but I am not an unbalanced animal lover; I respect Cesar Millan's methods a lot.

What I'm Looking For

In a partner, I am looking for respect. I am looking for sanity, creativity, and equality. I am looking for someone who mentally challenges me. I am planning on being successful in my own way, but I am never greedy about my money or possessions. What I work for I earn, but I have no trouble giving it to someone else in need, but only someone who deserves it. I don't respect those who throw their money away for no good reason. Everything is scarce and should be used wisely.
Not everything is serious though; I love to have fun too. [:
So I am everything-works at dA. I'm not paying for dating. [:


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