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I am really interested in finding a loyal man...
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  Age: 38   Gender: Female   Race: Mixed   Location: Washington United States
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About Me

Hello! Welcome to my profile!

First, I'd like to share that I'm an honest, caring person who believes that a smile can cure just about anything. I've had a wholesome upbringing by parents who still love each other in Heaven but who taught their children the importance of common courtesy and good sense.

I like to resolve conflicts rather than carry a grudge. I'm also an optimist who sees the glass half full. Flowers always melt my heart and prolonged hugs do wonders for my emotional health.

I have a lot of love and laughter to give. A lot of my friends would describe me as goofy but reliable and loyal to a fault. I'm honest and open and promise both in a relationship. Somehow I always manage to spoil my punchlines but I have a self depricating humor that makes up for it in abundance. I call it as I see it and can sometimes be abrupt with my honesty, but I always have people's best interests at heart. I suppose if I were a cat, curiosity would have killed me ages ago.

I guess I should save some of this for a first date, so you'll just have to get to know me to find out the rest.

Some of the most important qualities that I can think of in a man for me include
1) being communicative
2) a good sense of humor
3) in touch with his inner-child (I've been known to pop in an old Disney cartoon on occasion)
4) a healthy lifestyle
5) reliability

What I'm Looking For

I need a guy I can lean on and sass around at the same time (sass, not boss). I like to dish it out in good humor and love receiving it in return. Sass me, be my rock and bring me flowers on occasion and I'm sure we'll get a long just fine.

You should note too that I'm looking for a guy who's in a place in life where he's ready to consider that next big step. Someone who's settled and has the mindset to start looking down the road toward a family. I don't have hardcore expectations and I'm not pushy, but I'm ready to start considering these kinds of things and I don't like being strung along. If you know these aren't things you want for yourself then please don't try to pursue a relationship with me.

Thanks for checking me out.


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