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School is out, Summer is in!
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  Age: 56   Gender: Male   Race: Mixed   Location: Colorado Springs Colorado United States
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About Me

Well, who am I?

To paraphrase and adapt for gender, I'm a gentleman in public, a (real) Chef in the kitchen and a rock star in the bedroom. I'm fit, fun and flirty at times, but always respectful, never arrogant, calmly confident. Always ready for a laugh, a hug, a kiss and a smile.

Ladies, you're not the only ones that have gotten fed up with "serial daters", getting stood up, "taken for a test drive" in bed or simply ignored after one or two dates. I chalk it up to an overall societal trend to not really wanting to take the time to REALLY get to know people these days, the "speed dating" mentality. And, "Cinderella" doesn't exist, neither does "Prince Charming". We're all "frogs" in one way or another, so expecting to find "your perfect soulmate" is pure folly IMHO. I'm not pessimistic, just pragmatic, and it's a good thing that I like kissing frogs. So there! Nyah!

I'm a single half-time Dad of two kids, 9 and 11, that puts them and their happiness first and foremost. Yep, that's an issue, most women my age have already told me that they don't want a relationship with a guy with young kids and want all of my spare time devoted to them. Sorry, that's just not going to happen, but I DO have flexibility in scheduling. If YOU have kids, you can expect the same kind of respect for your primary obligation in life. I most certainly understand and empathize, we're in the same kind of boat. I'm not looking for a "mom" for my kids, they have one already, and I do pretty well as a Dad.

I'm also the sole caregiver of my Mom. She's 84, I'm her only son, so the duty to care for her falls to me. She lives with me, and I promised her years ago that I would care for her since everyone else has abandoned her. Again, that's an issue with some, so be it. I'd rather stick to my promises to my family than to dump them for my own selfish needs.

I work in public education with "at-risk" teens with high school Algebra and Geometry, helping those kids that have lives that make ours look like Nirvana. It's challenging work, but so very rewarding when I've been able to be that one adult (and oftentimes that one male) that they can trust and look up to. "This is the first time I got a C in math and I'm not on the D and F list!" or "I'm not hangin' with the gangs any more" are words that I love to hear.

So, I'm one part Dad, one part nurse, one part teacher and social worker. Kind, caring, compassionate and loving, born in "The City With Broad Shoulders". That's me. And, I do have the ability to have a healthy balance of obligations and still have a great relationship with that ONE (and ONLY one) special woman in my life.

As a former Chef, I'm obviously good at cooking. I'm quite handy with a tool belt and all of those typical "guy things". I'm also good at caring for children (good in my line of work), cleaning house and doing laundry. "Mr. Mom" on steroids.

I've spent my youth in high-level activities, bicycle racing, aerobics instructor, dancer, rock climbing, yoga (having moved beyond to Tantra), massage therapist, waaaaayyyyy before these activities became trendy. I love hiking and camping, and am pretty good at both. Just got us a new (used) Jeep to head for the hills in, and need a companion to explore with!

What I'm Looking For

So, I'm hoping that you have flaws, are NOT perfect, and we get to point and laugh at each other when I have broccoli stuck between my teeth or you scratch your butt in the morning. Seriously, we don't have to be so damn serious about everything! Seriously! I'm not perfect, and neither are you, so stop acting like you are or that I'm supposed to be! RELAX already!

What kind of relationship am I seeking?

Certainly not a perfect one, that's for sure. I'm not perfect, and neither are you, but I'm a great guy WITH A BIG heart that can be cranky at times. You know, that whole "If you can't handle me at my worst..." thing, it applies to men as well.

But, some things are desirable and ideal in a HEALTHY relationship:

Open communication: Sorry, I'm not a mind reader, so if there's something that you want, need, desire or even irritates the crap out of you, TALK TO ME ABOUT IT FER CRYIN' OUT LOUD. The passive aggressive thing just does NOT work with me. PLEASE, don't expect things to magically "happen" without saying a word. I can be empathic up to a point, but won't leave things open to assumption or speculation as I'm more often than not dead wrong when I do. That covers all relationship subjects, including intimate ones. Your happiness is just as important as mine to me!

Warmth and affection: Should be a no-brainer. But, that only happens when there's healthy communication and connection. I'm not shy about PDA, and I don't want to be treated like your "naughty little secret" in public. I give as good as I get, and always strive for "better". It's not all about me, it's about "we"!

Emotionally generous: Talk to me. Just show me that you care. Give me a hug or even just a smile. Just don't leave me to flounder out in the cold of emotional indifference. Sure, we all have our limits, but you can bank on me being there for you.


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