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  Age: 51   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Mattapoisett Massachusetts United States
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About Me

I am someone who is newly entering into the dating world and getting my feet wet. Being a single mom to three boys and a small business owner keeps me relatively busy and active and having creative, intelligent people in my life keeps makes me a happy camper.

I very much prefer the company of people who I can have stimulating conversation with.. If you are a sports fanatic who must watch the Sunday Football game, I am probably not your gal. While I do enjoy sports in moderation, I would much rather mud wrestle a sumaru than be in the company of someone who can't tear their attention off of the game!

I enjoy someone who feels strongly about their beliefs but who are open to hearing other points of view and have challenging and intelligent discussion turn me on! I like cooking, sipping wine and chatting while listening to great music and if we should break out into slow dancing, all the better. My favorite kind of music would include the likes of John Mayer, Matchbox 20, Dave Matthews, etc. I love going to listen to music live both in concert or small, intimate venues. I also enjoy theatre, but I am no drama queen! Anything from high school theatre to broadway, I am not that picky. Much of my time is spent in the art world so someone who enjoys art gallery openings and events is a bonus.

What I'm Looking For

I seem to attract sarcastic, smart ass people who keep me on my toes and I love to have it so! I love someone who is both confident, assured with a great sense of self as well as one who can give and take on the sarcasm. I love to laugh...who doesn't? I also enjoy cuddling, kissing and hand holding. Because I am so passionate about my business and profession, I am attracted to the same. Both passionate about something you love and supportive and encouraging about mine. I enjoy spontaneity and sometimes addictively so!

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