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  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: California United States
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  Scruffy, Casual
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About Me

my name is matt, i recently moved here from las vegas. i'm a navy vet, i was a sonar tech so i spent my time in the service listening to fishing boats and whales humping. i don't take my self too seriously, and enjoy poking fun at others and myself. disney land is my worst nightmare, the snuggie is just a backwards robe, and i'm pretty sure lady gaga is a man.

music: white zombie, tool, system of a down, coheed and cambria, the mars volta, zz top, austrian death machine, pantara, led zeppelin, jimi hendrix, rage against the machine, smashing punpkins, alice in chains, and many many more

shows: the walking dead, american dad, super jail, cowboy bebop, flcl, top gear (bbc version), and i think thats about it

movies: zombie land, dawn of the dead, fear and loathing in las vegas, the departed, underworld, resident evil movies, the fith element, army of darkness, and i'm sure there are more i just can't think of them.

books: youth in revolt, atlas shrugged, jonny got his gun, tom clancy novels, clive cusler novels, and web griffin novels.

for fun: video games, skiing, exploring new places, drinkin with friends, and i used to play a variety of instruments, but i had to sell em all for reasons i'm not too proud of =(,so i'm thinking about buying one of those again.

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What I'm Looking For

Women? pretty sure im on this site because i have given up on the chicks at my job, pluss i don't want some slut from a bar.

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