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Hey how's it going?
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  Age: 30   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Huntley Illinois United States
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  None but want some soon
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About Me

Ok well I am me and I live life to the fullest I'm optimistic, confident, I love to have fun, joke, and be the life of the party!!! I love animals I work with Illinois Animal Rescue my family fosters dogs from kill shelters in southern Illinois untill we find them a forever home.... My family is a HUGE part of my life so your family should be a big part of your life as well.. On a normal Friday night im usually out with friends and having fun but also some nights I like to just stay in and watch movies and relax .. I graduated college in 2007 with a degree in Automotive Science I've been a mechanic my whole life since the age of 8..... Me and my little sister are very close she is apprenticing to become a tattoo artist.... I also have 4 tattoos myself and many more to come... I am also a sports fanatic when it comes to Baseball(White Sox), Hockey(Blackhawks), And Football(Da Bears) I love to travel but i also love coming home from vacation! Music i like is country rap club music i like it all my one life goal is to open my own shop ..... so that's me if i left anything out you ask and ill tell you i don't like being lied to and i don't lie to you... cant wait to talk :)....
What I'm Looking For

WHAT I NEED: YOU to be my best friend, YOU to be my equal partner, YOU to know that I can't stand to be away from YOU even for a minute without thinking about YOU. YOU to understand that we will have problems and that we CAN and WILL get through them by talking to each other. YOU will tell me when something is bothering YOU even if it seems to be the littlest of things. YOU to know that I can't read your mind but wish I could. I need to trust YOU with my darkest secrets. If we rob a bank together and "if" they catch us and put us in separate rooms, I need to know and YOU to know that regardless of what is said, they can't turn us against each other and we will truly do anything to protect what we have. YOU to challenge me and make me a better person. YOU to know that it's OK to be angry and upset, as long as YOU put in as much effort as it took to get angry into fixing the issue. YOU want to be around my family and friends as I want to be around the people that are important to YOU. YOU to know that I never want to go out on the town without YOU, because I want to share every single moment I can with YOU being life is too short and we never know when it will end. YOU to trust me to go to Vegas and sleep at night while I'm gone knowing that I am with YOU because I want to be, not because I can't find something better. YOU know that I will treat YOU the way I want to be treated. Most importantly, I need YOU to know that you can tell me anything, and that its better to have me upset for awhile than to lie to me and break the special bond that keeps people together, not love, but trust. Saying YOU love me isn't really what I need, what I need is for YOU to show me through your actions. Hearing I love you is nice, but they are just words at the end of the day. I want someone who shows it through their actions.


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