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hi thre im new on hre care to know me well
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  Age: 35   Gender: Female   Race: Mixed   Location: Wellington Florida United States
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  None but want some soon
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About Me

I hope that anybody who comes across my site respects my photos posted and would maintain the sacredness of one's property. I might be imitated but never duplicated (I am not being arrogant. We are all unique and distinctive as individuals). i've realized that life is indeed full of contradictions. sometimes its crazy to be sane, u need to fall to fly, people suffer bcoz u care, u have to unlearn to know the lesson, u have to give up bcoz ur strong, u have to be wrong to make things right... nonetheless, life's complexities r also life's source of beauty. we should cry to laugh again, fall apart to b whole again and get hurt to LOVE again... im ready for it...im also concious, Always tell myself that i would rather remain single than to have someone who is going to make my peacefull life miserable... but its been so long... i missed those annoying days that made me stronger... it's the spice of life... now im ready to feel the true essense of my heart and my existence... i am willing to love an imperfect person perfectly, there r 6 billion souls out there, all im just asking for is 1, am i asking too much? ... where r u? i am waiting... hope to see u soon... whoever and wherever u r... im just here...

What I'm Looking For

Sumone who could take care of me instead of the other way round..... sumone who can guide me in my decisions and can ride in all i want to do and say . .Anyone who'd like to be met. Girls of any kind, any girl who wants an Australian email friend - I'm ya girl.

crazy people- friends, musicians, people with a fear of giant squids taking over the world (you know they will people!)... I guess I mean simple, honest, fun, creative and hopeful. Bit over the whole "end is nigh" kind of mentality as I believe there is always some way out, you just have to get off your arse and look for it! :) I believe the word "normal" should be struck from the dictionary.

Random people, anybody who's not too normal or boring. I usually get on with guys better and don't have time for annoying, bitchy, girly things.

Sumone who could take care of me instead of the other way round.....


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