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hearts are magnets.
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  Age: 29   Gender: Female   Race: Mixed   Location: Florida United States
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About Me

sippin' wine and thinkin' bliss is on the other side of this... i just need a compass andand a willing accomplice. i'm mandy. since noone meets others organically these days, i figured i'd give this a shot. i just moved to new smyrna, and as of now i will say that it is a horrid place to try to have fun, unless you love the beach. other than that though... eeep. music means everything to me, i find it to truly be the gateway to one's soul... it's easy for me to get in tune with what other people are feeling and i love insane stories. i'm a people watcher all day. i'm very good at reading people. i challenge anyone to movie/music trivia. i would crush you. :) i'm amazing at guitar hero, no one has ever beat me. seriously. you won't. i don't like using capital letters. it's weird. i sometimes talk to inanimate objects and consider them to have feelings. i'm always down for a kick ass time. when i was 14 i got attacked by a rabid squirrel.. and now have a battle wound on my right eyebrow to show for it. scarred for life, yyeeaahh. i'm one of the rare few that still brushes my teeth and flosses before bed... i just have to do it or else i can't sleep. i have my tongue and lip pierced, and 7 tattoos. people say i'm funny..but i just point out the obvious and ridiculous. im a musician, i play guitar and piano and am truly happy when i'm playing. nothing feels better than captivating an audience or just one person with your song. basically, i'll rock your socks.
What I'm Looking For

if you're planning on messaging me, make it funny, make it interesting, make it something other than "hey, how are you." it gets old after a while, don't expect a response. let me be very clear on this... i'm not going to hook up with you. if that's what you're looking for, move along. i'm looking for a good person that can actually hold their own in an intelligent conversation. friends is what i'm looking for first and foremost, and if that develops into something more, great, if not, hey at least i got a friend out of it.

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