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life is short and so am i
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  Age: 31   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: lincoln park Michigan United States
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i'm just trying to enjoy life. i'm going to school for special education. love my job but doesn't pay enough unless i want to live in my car. i'm usually at school, work, or doing homework. when i'm not doing those i'm with friends. we karaoke, play rapstar and glee karaoke(what a combo), watch stupid movies so we can make fun of them, photo roadtrips, and pretty much anything else that's fun. i try to eat healthy, love my juicer! i also try to workout as much as possible. i love my family! most of them are crazy but it makes life more fun. my short grandma cracks me up. she's 90 and has like 5 men at her assisted living after her! right now i spend a lot of time helping take care of my other grandma. she her health has been going down hill for a while. we don't want to put her in a nursing home sooner than we have to. it's just my mom and me taking care of her(she needs 24hour care) so sometimes it's crazy. i try to look at it as me paying her back for everything she has done for me. if you want to win me over bring me a penguin! Playing blackbird on the guitar would also work.

-i don't like bees(i'm allergic) or squirrels
-sad snookie is making over 30k to speak at a university. what is wrong with people!?
-i have two tattoos and want more
-i am a proud UofM fan(friends don't let friends be state fans)
-i met hanson in 9th grade!
-coffee = LOVE!
-i want to go to the zoo and feed a giraffee
-ppl make fun of my phone
-every feb 15th i disappear. don't respond to txts or answer calls
-i can play the flute and alto sax and for two yrs was on the drumline(cymbal holder for the snare players then lead bass drum)
-people always pronounce my last name wrong but i don't correct them
-i make the best of any situation bc it can always be worse
-my music tastes are about as adhd as i am sometimes
-wanna learn how to box

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What I'm Looking For

i just want to meet people and see where it goes. i've never really had a type. and they are telling me i need over 100 characters to finish this. i don't feel like it!

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