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good woman lookin for a good man
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The Basics
  Age: 33   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Tennessee United States
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  A few extra pounds
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About Me

I once believed in once upon a time there are soulmates out there for everybody. I will admit straight up that I have been cheated on and hurt. The thought of a "soulmate" seems to have faded in my beliefs. So I just hope to find someone who can prove me again that they DO in fact exist.

I am more of a homebody but LOVE getting out. I enjoy sports (a lot). I watch hockey, football and golf. I play(ed) hockey, golf, frisbee golf and other odd sports. I have a passion of exploring new places and traveling the world. I hope to be able to travel a lot more soon if I can make that possible.

I am a big believer in the power music has on society. I LOVE music and honestly would not know what would become of me if I didn't get my fix. ;p I love most all music and my favorites change periodically. My current favorite band at this point in time is Rammstein (if you do not know who they are-they are a German heavy metal band-they are delicious lol)

More about WHO I am...I am a thinker. It seems I can never get the wheel to stop rolling. (which at times can be aggrivating to me) I am a generous person almost to a fault. I am a giver because I love making people happy and taking care of good people. (as long as they do the same for me) I am an open-minded person and enjoy taking on new tasks.

If there is anything else you are interested in, just ask. :)

What I'm Looking For

I would love to find a giver. I believe that a relationship should be give- and -take- give- etc. (not just give and ... nothing) I would like to find someone who would be patient with me on my trust concerns. I have been hurt a lot and cheated on and am really quite afraid of being hurt anymore. I am not saying that I will never be able to trust anyone ever again. What I want to express is simply that I will need someone to make me feel secure. Once I feel like I can trust someone-my love never ends. It would be wrong of me to say I don't have any trust concerns because everyone does at some point.

I would love to find someone who would like to spend time just going out not necessarily spending money but just have fun. I am not impressed with a man that flashes his money around because the money is not what is supposed to be loving me. I enjoy simple walks, frisbee golf, golf, relaxing at the house watching a movie, going to a movie if there is a good one (or one of those HORRIBLE -MUST -SEES out lol) just simple things. I am not a very hard to deal with person. I am open to different activities.

Finding someone who enjoys to cuddle and can be passionate is a must. A man that isn't afraid of giving hugs and kisses and shows affection and makes me feel like he really loves my company would be very nice to have. I am not very big on worrying about a mans looks just as long as he takes care of himself and keeps himself clean for me. (but i definetely enjoy a man that knows how to get dirty too)
I am just simply looking for a good man that I feel secure and comfortable with and not have to worry about hurting me.


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