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Peanut butter seeks Jelly
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  Age: 37   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Santa Cruz California United States
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About Me

I am a new SC addition, trying to find what I couldn't in the Midwest. I love this area, the outdoors, the people, the sun, the beaches... and every dinner for 1 reminds me that I want dinner for 2. I am not complicated, I honestly cant answer why I am single (although I get asked often) I just havent found that special someone that I look forward to seeing or hearing from each and every day. I know that ideal movie depiction of love is very skewed from reality, but I am hopeing to find something a little like that.

I am a hard worker, I am easy on the eyes,I look a lot younger than my years. I cant dance or at least that what I have been told, but I still try even though I am the only one that knows what I am doing. I talk to my dog, sing in the shower, and try to find the silver lining on every dark cloud, I love movies and have seen more than siskel, ebert or roper.. I work out 5 times a week, try to eat healthy although I have a slice of pizza and a pbandj too often. I love to hike or take walks. I rarely read but on occassion I can be found in a good book. I love music...but can rarely tell you who is the artist on a song. I dont have a fast car, but I still drive it like a porshe. I cook regularly....but unfortunatly its usually meals for 1..

What I'm Looking For

You: Speak your mind, but also are comfortable with just being together and not saying a word. Have your own interests but share in interest in mine as well. Speak english, but may know other languages.. believe in yourself and selfworth, but love to hear that your beautiful from time to time. Have found stability financially and within, but also like to have me buy dinner and a movie. You like to be outdoors, hike, or take walks on the beach... You like dogs and possibly own a cat.. You are easy on the eyes, and take care of yourself physically.. You have a child, or dont but want one or more in the future. You like to be affectionate, but can also sit on the couch and cuddle a blanket. You are ready for a relationship, ready to love someone completely and ready to be loved the same in return...


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