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I am here looking for my Missing Rib
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The Basics
  Age: 47   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Cleveland Ohio United States
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About Me

I am not good at writing about myself but here goes. I am a witty person with a fairly dry sense of humor and I love to make people laugh. I am pretty diversified and like a variety of things. I can usually have fun no matter what I am doing. I enjoy movies, cooking good meals, and snuggling on the couch. I like to spend time in the country. I like to hunt, fish, ride four wheelers, go camping, boating and things like that. . I also enjoy culture, art and the symphony. I am a very passionate person about most things that I do. Some other things that I enjoy are downhill skiing, reading a good book, sushi and traveling. I hold myself to a pretty high standard and try to do the right thing no matter how hard it is to do...I am looking for a person who is first and foremost honest. Honest to others as well as themselves. I am somewhat old fashioned and would like someone that shares my values. I am looking for someone that works as hard to be successful in life as I do. I am looking for someone fun, spontaneous and likes to laugh. I would like to find someone that understands that and is not just living for the moment or living life like it is just one big party. I do appreciate beauty but the looks on the outside don't mean much if you are not pretty on the inside as well. I am a very passionate person who is respectful and caring honest and loyal. As for what I am looking for is a nice woman who knows what they want. I'm looking for someone who is fun-loving and willing to be a companion in new adventures and likes to travel. Someone who is caring, honest, responsible, easygoing and not afraid to reveal their true feelings. I am looking for a committed and monogamous relationship with that someone special where we don’t feel that we have to spend time together, but are both happiest when we do. A relationship where communication is important because I sincerely always want her to know exactly the feelings I have for her and she feels the same way. Where, if there is misunderstanding, it is important enough for both of us to talk about things until there is an equitable resolution and understanding, but we can agree to disagree. Communication and sincerity should not come hard, but rather be worth the effort. I am patient enough to spend the time needed to get to know her and become good friends before moving forward. When the friendship becomes strong enough, and a mutual trust has been established, then confiding in each other about the deepest of feelings or smallest of details comes easy.

Below you will find original poetry for that special one that gets it:

I saw you in my dreams,
Again last night, it seems;
Those irresistible eyes,
Show spirit that never dies.

Your skin so soft to touch,
Raising goosebumps, too much;
Our interlocking fingers,
Feeling your heartbeat lingers.

Searching you in daylight,
Will know your face, first sight;
When found, no matter, we're one,
Together our search is done.


Sometimes it takes a moment,
To recognize your fate;
Sometimes it takes lots longer,
To really see your date.

Judging others is risky,
Leaves us open, no fun;
We know of our potential,
Others see what we've done.

Giving someone that one chance,
Just means they might be it;
That life long lost missing piece,
Your life puzzle complete.

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What I'm Looking For

The beautIful woman that I seek Is very playful, Independent, passIonate, spontaneous, lovIng and true to herself… always wantIng to be herself/free happy.I'm lookIng for someone who Is prepared to follow my ambItIous sIde of wantIng to Own one of the bIggest Jewelry store....and also be supportIve of everythIng I do.I’m seekIng a best frIend, partner, soul mate and lover. I enjoy pamperIng a woman’s mInd body and soul; I love excItement and surprIses. It doesn’t matter what ethnIcIty she may be, because my eyes are closed and I seek to feel her Inner beauty. I would hope she Is the type that lIkes IntImate walks In nature, and deep conversatIons explorIng each other’s lIves, and our dreams. I would hope she lIkes to fantasIze about all possIbIlItIes and not lImItIng herself by any fears

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