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Heyyyyyyyy!!! =)
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  Age: 33   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: dayton Ohio United States
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  Occaisional smoker
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About Me

I'm a laid back person who has many interests. I go with the flow and don't tend to plan much ahead of time. I get nervous and antsy easily if I'm uncomfortable or new to something. I don't like that about me but its me. I love to laugh and you can never truly love someone with whom you never laugh. I have my shows ill watch occasionally and enjoy a good movie but for the most part I do not like to watch tv. I like to be out and active and I like to read. Music is my life it seems. I breathe it. I just want to finally find the one who is interested enough to really know me who can be my love, my best friend, and my everything. I work at a pretty lame job but its money and I do like it to a degree. I love my coworkers and the regulars. I also like that its fast paced but not insane. I love to help people. In my spare time Im into photography, dance, and music. I'm great at cooking, being a good friend, writting, remembering things most people wouldn't, and I have a crazy good eye and ear for creativity! Not going to lie. I come off somewhat flaky, aloof, angry or upset to people. I love meeting new people but I have anxiety pretty bad sometimes. When people stick around long enough they always notice I'm a great listener and I try to give the best advice I can and they also notice that I like to joke around alot. If we're talking physical attributes then id have to say my eyes and I hear (and agree ) that I have a pretty smile.
Music means alot to me. Its the center of my world, its a way of life. I have a pretty ecclectic taste. I like it all. My biggest passion is electronic music and the party-rave-scene. Learning to dj is something I'm kind of getting into. I love techno, happy hardcore, breaks, drum and bass, house, anything hard, dubstep, electro, trance, industrial...you get the point. I also love much other genres of music . I like to read anything that strikes my fancy....I could list for days, really into fantasy and scifi stuff. I like comedy and whatever suits my mood as far as movies go. I'm a girl, love a good romance story. I don't like horror movies but not because they scare me. Foods food Im not picky and I'll try anything once. I love to cook!

What I'm Looking For

I'd like to meet someone that is open minded and talkative. I like someone who tries talking to a shy person until they open up! I can talk it up but I'd say 90% of dates and meeting people haven't gone anywhere because I get so shy and nervous. I don't like that about me, but it is what it is, ya know? I like more outgoing people because if I'm around another shy person its gonna be awkward like crazy and who the hell wants that?! Not meeeee...I like someone with a huge passion for music and the creative things in life. Someone I can go out with alot and also enjoy stayin in at home. If you prefer to stay in and just watch tv all the time, I'm probably not for you because I like to be out and do fun things. Being active...I like to go swimming, be outside and also like to go to parties and clubs or chill with friends. Don't get me wrong, I like a nice night on the couch once in awhile but thats not my preference. I also like really romantic, funny, and spontaneous individuals. Basically I want someone who is faithful and fun that I can share my time with.

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