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Love is Magical
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  Age: 51   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: California United States
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About Me

I'm a very busy person But amidst all this l try the best l can to be the happy man l always want to be.l am a very down to earth person,some say I'm humble some say am I'm over the top.But l am just myself cos being who you are is the greatest of all. I'm outgoing,Have a very good sense of humor,l love snuggling on the couch,l love cuddling with that special someone.l love dancing,l love going to the movies,games,cinemas especially at weekends,l smile a lot cos l believe that every time you smile,And even much more so when you laugh ,You add something to your life.''Of all the things we wear our expression is the most important''. always smile it adds to your face value.A smile is a curve that helps us see things straight.
What I'm Looking For

Someone that has all the Qualities to be a potential marriage mate,someone that can make me happy,Someone that will love me for me,someone that will always be there for me through thick and thin,Someone that's full of lights and shades,Someone l can tell my dreams and she will tell me hers,someone l can live my life with till eternity,someone that is always missed when not around,A woman l can call my own and together we can make each other happy and make this world a better place for all to stay.l am ready to re-locate as soon as l find that special someone

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