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Don't be shy...I'm not :)
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The Basics
  Age: 26   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Aberdeen Washington United States
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  None but want some soon
  Occaisional smoker
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About Me

Well I don't like to talk about myself so here are some facts about me...

1. Smiling isn't a emotion it's my lifestyle
2. Lauging is the answer to everything
3. Oreo's and peanut butter=love
4. My friends and family come first
5. I love who I am and refuse to conform to anything I'm not
7. Long Drives with AMAZING music and GORGEOUS views make me smile
8. Love Kids!
9. Isn't a day that goes by that I don't talk to someone new..whether it be customer or stranger
10. Have a freckle in my left eye
11. Love and spoil my dogs probably more than i should :/
12. Total Goofball :P
13. Drive a little too fast when my favorite song is on...Which is..Guess?
14. Camping + good friends = One hell of a time! :)
15. have a tattoo
16. Have the best friends in the world!!
17. Originally from everett wa...but lived in texas and LOVED IT!!!
18. My mom is probably my best best friend...I tell her everything! lol Probably more than she wants to know
19. I am pretty darn lucky to be alive.
20. Love me or hate me...I'm me.. Take it or leave it

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What I'm Looking For

here is a list of what i'm looking for in a man

1. loving
2. loyal
3. loves kids or has kids or wants kids
4. ready to settle down and have a family
5. no games or gimmicks
6. some one that i can laugh with
7. has to love to cuddle
8. can handle my sarcastic sense of humor
10. Beach bumb lol
11. Can kill spiders for me cz i hate them
12. appreaciates a home cooked meal
13. old fashioned gentleman (opens doors, pulls out chairs, etc.)
14. someone that has the same family values i have
15. must love texts or notes of affrimation from me :) i like to tell my man what he means to me
16. Hygene is a must! Thats means Showers boys not sponge baths lol
17. Must know the difference between fabric softener and detergent lol haha long story
18. Can keep up with me...i move pretty quick. I may not be able to see my feet but i'm light on them lol jk
19. Likes good music as well as the classics. I love ballet and classical music
20. Must like walks because i love them and could walk all day especially at the beach. :)
21. Should like to go out as well as stay in
22. Can talk about the serious things in life as well as the stupid things
23. someone i can wear sweats around and no make up and still feel beautiful
24. Must be able to laugh at himself...and me cz i am clumsy! lol i fall alot :)
25. Lastly.....must be willing to be open and honest with me. Don't lie or hide from me and i'll do the same!

Well thats that looking forward to future conversation with whoever you are! ;) peace love and happiness!


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