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happyness and crazyness but true love that works
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The Basics
  Age: 25   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Yorba Linda California United States
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  Clean Cut
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  Medium, Short
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About Me

Im Luke, I am a outgoing guy. I love to have as much fun as i can pull out of the air. Im the most down to earth kinda person. I have extreme patients and alot of faith and hope. even tho im a very hopeless person, its made me the strongest mental type of guy which now i can handle alot of things on my own. I love to snowboard at Mt High and big bear.

guys who play around, and havnt found their true meaning of soul, and living, will always end in a childish way in any relationship. jerk men do not understand lifes ways of meaning to be able to know how to keep eachother perfect. jerks can't make u the life u want when your searching for something right. they have old childish emotional life fixing problems. Alotaaa these guys lack so much of good thought, and understanding, to where they can not be an amazing man who will easily b able to now know how to be true in life, and able to feel in controll. we also can then teach eachotherther better and better In situations through full "communication", to make both of us an unstopable, loving, dream come true couple, that understands eachother, n how to beat all of the tasks the world will bring to our lives.

i have become quite a guy who just dosnt give up, and keeps trying for the best. Im very open to ANYONE and everyone. I just am looking for that girl with the SWEETEST side of life. caring like me and sweet like me. just want to make life a dream. a dream that has come true with that girl. it can be that way and its how i'd love to always make that person feel

What I'm Looking For

I need a personality in a woman like me, to be able to conquer the world side by side. I REALLY only want that girl out there who's grown to have found her purpose and their worth. that girl who has a constant, positive, conscious, through the hard work to earn your meaning. a girl who knows how to be someone who loves life and knows how to live as a team. meeting half way. all I want is a beautiful, ...y, dedicated, angel kind of girl.

ALWAYS KNOW that I'm also the kinda guy who dosnt need a girl to look perfect. That's simply because my whole beeing in a relationship, is based and more focused on, who you really are in your personality. if u can understand easily of problems, and use your life experience to keep things straight, then ur beautiful! I c beauty in Everything, only "good". I am Diyingg to meet just a real, true, understanding, good intentiond, loyal, amazing GIRL.

I've done enouuggghh bad in the world, and now I just wana change my whole life to b happy through the real meaning that I can feel n see though my life of real peace. I really always will love n need ... in my relationship. also whenever that one girl needs ..., or ANYTHING, I will try till I die to fix whatever it may be on whenever day. love n happyness is all I need to see n have. I only need that one girls smile to keep me happy.


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