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Be YOU its what I love the most!
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  Age: 39   Gender: Female   Race: Mixed   Location: galeana Mexico
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About Me

Who I am' Well I am a very passionate person, I love life and I love being a parent to my four amazing children! I was married at a very young age and was a very devoted wife, after sixteen and a half years I decided to get a divorce and have been divorced for over a year now. I have an amazing life and wish to share it with someone amazing! never really thought of seeking into a dating site but when being surrounded in a culture and a way of being that does not suit me or the way I believe, I realized it is time to do something new! I have faced challenges in my life that most could never grasp and decided to create a story for me that would make me content and happy about who I am, I am very affectionate and grew up in a place were affection is not very common, I enjoy helping others create a life that works for them, my children are very considerate towards others because of who I am in the public eye. I am not one to wait on others to get things done, I am very out spoken and like to think that I am very honest with myself and with others, sometimes to honest as my mother would say.
What I'm Looking For

I am seeking a man that has a passion for life and creating amazing ways to make life the most amazing experience to have ever been witnesses, I am seeking someone who loves who they are most of all! and who enjoys the presence of an amazing women that could respect who he is as a man, I am seeking a life time relationship that goes farther than one could possibly imagine, I want someone real that does not think life is a game, and that creates amazing moments in all that is faced, that will always stand strong when facing a challenge and that will be man enough to hold me when facing mine! I am seeking a relationship unlike any other, one that will make you love yourself and who you are more and more, one that will give me a desire to be whom I am and never fear the reality of others, I want a man that enjoys looking and smelling good, that can give a smile and enjoy a tear, that does not fear what comes from life and that will create something that others can see and challenge them selves to create an amazing life for them to enjoy all that they are and embrace all that I am. In other words I want someone AMAZING.

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