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  Age: 45   Gender: Female   Race: Mixed   Location: Stockton California United States
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  Casual, Stylish, Clean Cut   Average
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About Me

So about me...I am a single mother of 4. Two girls who are 10 and 7 and then I have twin boys who are 5. Hopefully me having 4 kids doesn't scare you away. I have been married for almost 8 years and it was a pretty bad messed up marriage, but I'm glad that it's over. After being married I never dreamed that I would ever go back to doing this again....Starting all over. It's not what I've dreamed of. I thought once I was married I was going to be with him till the day I die, but nope! Didn't happen. So now hopefully someday in the near future I hope that I find the right man who I will definitely spend the rest of my life with *CROSSING MY FINGERS*! Anyway, I am a very shy person at first, but once I get to know you more than I would start to open up. I'm a pretty laid back chill type of person. I consider myself to be a very nice person, very faithful, very loving, very caring, very giving, very sweet, very thoughtful, loves giving and receiving affection in private or in public.

If you want to know more about me...I'd rather have you ask me. More for us to talk about.

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What I'm Looking For

For right now all I am looking for is to make friends. Not friends with benefits.The reason why I just want to make friends is because men tend to F*CK with my head and just hurt me and I am sick and tired of it. I've been taken advantage of, used, cheated on....you name it...it has all been done to me. All I want is to be happy, loved and cared for and I am not on here to look for someone to help me support my kids. Their Dad supports them! What I pretty much look for in a guy is someone who is definitely faithful!!! Someone who is loving, caring, affectionate, sweet, understanding, someone who will love me for me and will accept me for the way I am no matter what. Someone who will accept that I have 4 kids and who will accept my children as their own someday and if you have children as well, I will definitely accept your children as my very own. I am not on here to mess around so if that is what you are looking for then please just leave me alone. I also prefer single dads...so men who has children is what I prefer, but if you don't have kids than its still okay with me.

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