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looking for the simplicity of love...
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The Basics
  Age: 29   Gender: Female   Race: Hispanic   Location: Lynn Massachusetts United States
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About Me

My first thought when joining a dating website was how pathetic am I but I gave this site a chance and I guess there are pros and cons to it. Naturally I am a very outgoing, funny and caring individual but when I get messages that not only disrespect my morals but my private sexual life it offends me greatly.
At this point in my life I am content with my job as a preschool teacher and I love my kids! I am finishing my double degree in psychology and education. I hope to become a director of a learning center or a child psychologist. I have my own place and I am quite proud because I came from a family that did not have much and to see that I provide for not only myself but my family now, makes me the happiest person alive!

when I have my free time I love to take long drives, walk around Salem, Boston or any place with a nice view. I love going to local pubs and watching the game and a beer in my hand. I am a low maintenance lady and all i ever put on my face is mascara and chap stick so if u take longer than me to get ready we have a problem...lol!

I have gotten a lot of opinions about what my race is and I am a straight up big mix lol mother is Dominican and my father puertorican and Italian. concerning my size/ weight. I am a PROUD big and beautiful lady, with a big heart. I understand that we live in a cynical world that is very shallow and its understandable because we like what we like and if we don't then that's that. I have my preferences as well. I have only dated white men in the past and I pretty much know that its what I like overall. so I am sorry to all other parties being excluded.

so I leave this about me saying...please sweep me off my feet and copy the movies, stand outside my window with a boombox, leave me flowers at my job, give me a passionate kiss at the end of a date...or just drop me a message letting me know what u are all about I promise I wont bite, at least not hard ;)

What I'm Looking For

so what do I look for in a man?....
first off I look for a man that is straight up honest. I am very blunt and I will speak my mind if something concerns me.
I look for a man that has goals, makes his family his top priority and has a life of his own.
I am the type that is very hopelessly ROMANTIC...i only wish a man can come to my job with flowers and give me a passionate kiss..but to my notion...it only happens in the movies. so if you are a man of romance, making love not sex and cuddling...then drop me a line.

please do not message me asking for one night stands, "hang out" or "chillin"
what the hell happened to chivalry...what happened to asking a girl out on a date...coffee even...
but nope not today...


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