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I am caring and considerate towards others, only
Online: 3612 days ago   Updated: 3612 days ago   Joined: 3612 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 60   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Texas United States
The Details
  Non-smoker, Occaisional smoker
  Yes - not living with me
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Hair Length:
  Very Short
About Me

The best way I can describe myself is someone who is grounded and honest. I am caring and considerate towards others, only asking for the same in return. My perspective on life is the glass is always half full and tomorrow is a better day. am trusting,taking people at their word and a good judge of character. I know myself very well, who I am and where I want to be in life. I realize that I have faults, but I always try to improve on them. I have grown substantially in the past 10 years through life experience to become a more mature person and can deal with just about anything that comes my way.I am passionate by nature and I enjoy showing my affection. I take pride in my appearance,as well as, my surroundings and I am as comfortable in a suit, as much as, my favorite blue jeans.
What I'm Looking For

I hope she will be someone of character and doesn't play games. She is grounded, emotionally mature, void of drama, self aware and down to earth. She believes in honesty and straight forwardness in a relationship, but knows where to draw the line and is sensitive to others. She is romantic at heart with a passionate soul, loves to laugh and is her own person.She does not consider past relationships failures, has honestly healed from their effects and moving forward with her life. She believes arguments are fruitless and only lead to hurt and anguish, not closeness or tenderness. She is intelligent, independent, enjoys her career, as well as, being positive and happy with life.

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