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  Age: 58   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Berlin Germany
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About Me

Wow...how do I put this into words. Ok, here goes. I was in a committed relationship for 10 years and as of last year I have found myself alone. I am now finally at the point where I am ready to make new friends with the possibility of finding someone to settle down with. I am honest, very caring, sincere and devoted to a monogamous relationship. I am romantic at heart and enjoy sharing my life with a partner. I enjoy traveling, going to the theater, art galleries, juried arts and craft shows, fine dining, dancing, as well as having a quiet romantic evening at home. I am looking for someone that shares the same qualities and love for life. I want someone that is not afraid to show affection and will communicate openly and freely. I am definitely comfortable in my own skin and am looking for someone who feels the same about himself. Life has so much to offer and I am want someone that I can share that with.
What I'm Looking For

I am looking for someone that I have a connection with. Someone that puts a smile on my face every time I hear her voice or get an e-mail or other correspondence from her. Someone who accepts me as I am and has that loving look in her eyes when she's with me. Someone who makes me feel special and loved. Someone with whom I feel protected because she will make me feel that way. she would be my best friend as I would be hers also. We would not have secrets from each other, unless of course, she just bought me a present and wants to keep it a secret until she gives it to me. I hope to find someone where we both feel comfortable with each other, so much so that we can sometimes read each others minds. Someone who is even tempered and does not yell or shout or curse. Someone who can disagree in a loving way without being mean spirited. Someone who will once in a while do things that I enjoy, just because she would rather be with me than away from me. Don't get me wrong, I know we all need our space once in a while, but say I enjoy playing cards or board games and she doesn't, I would hope that she would at least try it once in a while. I would also try doing some of the things she enjoys because I would want to experience it and perhaps learn something new, like scuba diving or some other activity. I can go on and on talking about this subject. A very important aspect would be that she and I would think of each other as a "We" and an "our". I would want her to accept my family as though they were also her family and I would do the same for her family. Someone who is unselfish and not controlling.

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