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Where is the Hannah to my Dexter?
Online: 1578 days ago   Updated: 1578 days ago   Joined: 1578 days ago
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  Age: 30   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Kentucky United States
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  Yes - not living with me
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About Me

I am a laid back hard working male. I work as a master security officer. I am into tattoos. I currently have 34. I'm not sure what else to put here, so please feel free to ask.
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What I'm Looking For

I am broken. I am beat down. This world is filled with monsters and beast. Your friends are really demons. Your demons are all around. Life is nothing but pain. Sometimes we need the pain to remind us we are real. Mask hide who I am inside. I've built walls around my heart and myself. Walls bigger and stronger than the Great Wall of China. With me and my many mask everyday is Halloween. Who am I? I am beginning to lose myself. I lost my grip on what is real. I am a lost puppy in this cruel world. Just looking for a friendly face a small pat on the head, someone to show me that there is still some form of good and kindness left in this otherwise ugly evil world. Someone that will rip off my mask and tear down my walls. Someone to help me rediscover happiness, love, and who I truly am. Someone to repair something that is almost unrepairable. Is that someone you? I am a 25 year old single male. I am looking to make friends and see where life takes me. I am into tattoos. I currently have 34. I have a good steady job and car. I write poetry and short stories in my free time. Recently I have taken up the hobby of ghost hunting. What I am on here for is to find something real true and special. I want that connection with another human. Someone who will be there for me no matter what. Someone that is willing to fight for me. Someone I can stand by support and fight for. I know that person is out there. Hoping to find her one day. If I fall I want someone that will catch me. I do not want another girl in my life who will stand by watch me fall and than laugh. I live my life by four simple letters: SDMF. If you know what that stands for awesome, if not you are more than welcome to ask. Its what keeps me going and gets me through hard times. At the end of the day only the strong survive I strive to be one of the strongest. I will not let you down, hope you can say the same for me. If you click yes on me how about sending a message? I won't bite and I am good for conversation. If that leads somewhere cool, if not at least for that brief moment in time our paths crossed and hopefully we can walk with memories of good conversation. I am unlike any other guy you have met. Don't believe me? Take a chance say hi. Life is all about taking risk,chances, and the occasional leap of faith. Let me be your risk. If you decide to leap I will not let you fall. My arms are open and ready to catch you. Not sure who really reads these anyway. If you made it this far, send me message. I will respond. If anything it will lead to good conversation and new friends. Who knows where this crazy ride of life will take us? So sit down strap in and lets go. Where is my queen? I want a girl I can spoil protect take care of and treat like a queen. One girl. One life. One love. One chance. Let me be your one. You won't regret it. My favorite band is The Doors. I can relate to their music and very much relate to Jim Morrison. One of the most talented people ever but at the same time a very broken torn soul here on this earth. I feel his pain and can relate. We are all broken and torn at some point. Some of us stay that way and can never find out light. Some of us never find true happiness or see the pleasures of the simple things in life. Morrison had a strange view on love. To me that view was something real something true something ever lasting. One question proves all of that. Would you die for me? If you find something worth fighting for fight to keep it. If I am fighting for you, than you are worth it. Please don't let me waste my time energy and passion fighting for you if I am not worth it to you.

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