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Singer looking for like minded relationship
Online: 3459 days ago   Updated: 3459 days ago   Joined: 3459 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 79   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Long Island New York United States
The Details
  Yes - not living with me
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About Me

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I am a financially independent, happy, adjusted, gal who sings in two female barbershop quartets, a barbershop chorus and my church choir. My passion is traveling internationally once each year. I am a consummate homemaker of a large beautiful home in a golf and country club, although I do not play golf. Occasionally, i can be seen performing on stage at my local community theatre singing, and acting.
I enjoy attending the various social functions that my Club avails me. Entertaining in my home is something I enjoy every so often. I am a decent cook, albeit not a gourment and I cook and eat mostly healthy things. I am an original New Yorker but have lived in FL for the last 21 years and love it. No desire to relocate, but I do visit my two children and their families in New York twice each year spending Christmas with them and one time in the summer.

I love the opera, theatre, movies, and many other things. I am not a sports afficianado by any stretch, but I work out 2 days a week. My friends call me the energizer bunny...always doing something, mostly productive. I am upbeat, happy, interesting and a supreme "giver". Cuddling is prime. I am always open to learn something new, and consider myself above average intelligence.

What I'm Looking For

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I am seeking a gentlemen of "class" who would be comfortable in a tux if the occasion called for it, likes the opera and theatre. He should be warm and most importantly "caring". A good listener as well as a good conversationlist. I love to dance, and would love to do it with a good dancer. Fine dining is not paramount on my list, but fun to do for a special occasion. If you love to putter around the house, that is a good thing because I do alot of puttering myself as I am capable at many things that most men would consider unusual for a woman.

If you are an avid sportsfan or actively involved in lots of ball sports like baseball, hockey, basketball, football, you won't like me at all. I have no problem with your participating in them, but please don't expect me to come along.


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