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Live every day to the fullest, laugh love have fun
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  Age: 61   Gender: Male   Race: Mixed   Location: Florida United States
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  In Need of Attention
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  Very Short
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I was born and educated in Michigan, Graduated as a Commissioned Officer and now retired. Served on many boards in the entertainment, reality, business development MYGood points: MY soul, my heart, my light, my very being MY DREAM. I am living it, joy and happiness I will always respond with love and respect for all.
Books: Secrets of the ages Sherman Williams, all Tony Robins, Sai Baba - Man of Miracles; Autobiography of A Yogi; Expanding The Boundaries Of Self Beyond The Limit Of Traditional Thought; God is a Verb - Kabbalah and Mystical Judiasm; Bible; Koran, and many more BOOKS by Oliver, studying this subject.” in search of the Primordial Power binding world faiths, philosophies and human behavior. Here is a guide for readers to learn the necessary skills to manage the complex self. Relieving and eliminating stress - looking within - Eliminating pointless thoughts of confusion - Reducing negative emotions and anger - Developing self-worth and esteem - Developing and improving self confidence - Strengthening character - Improving concentration - self discipline - A paradigm shift in expanding awareness –

What I'm Looking For

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First I look at the person inside, your heart, your sound mind, your love of family and others. If you have an open heart and are able to take the focus off yourself let's talk.


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