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F**K Da World
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The Basics
  Age: 27   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Gstreet Virgin Islands (US)
The Details
This user hasnt filled in any details
About Me

I am a caring person,with big dreams i rather not talk about.I am a calm positive person,relaxed and likes to have fun.I have no children,hope to someday soon who knows?Cartoons are my fraverite hobby and drawing.Love to travel especialy being from an island.
One day i want to go to art school to becomea cartoonist.

Anyway question?

What would u do if you saw the grimreaper and it offered u a deal to trade half your soul/lifespan for a pair of eyes that could see peoples names and their lifespan? What would u do?

What I'm Looking For

Who cares as long as she likes me Ill treat her like my sister.Basicly down to earth
and cares for me enough to talk about anything just plain realistic cause belive
me I dont talk much but i dont miss my mark. Not in to arguing or fighting just need
someone around to keep me company,feminine wise with good intentions.Dosnt matter size, shape or color.ONE LOVE you know everyting bless dont worry.


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