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  Age: 39   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: covington Kentucky United States
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About Me

Weird things tend to happen to me; nothing that should scare you off, or intimidate you but I just want to warn you that if you hang out with me your in for a unique experience! The one time I decide to wear flip-flops in public, I go to use the restroom and the guy next to me with poor aim, pisses on my foot. Or the one time I go to settle my nerves at the bar after a rough day, the girl next to me claims to be a psychic tells me she has been waiting for me…as she spills my beer all over my lap and then asks for a ride home! I spend my workweek reading meters for Duke Energy all over the city of Cincinnati. Its great exercise running from vicious dogs, going in and out of scenes like parts in the movie Silence of the Lambs, and meeting some of the oddest people. I love every minute of it because it gives me good material for my real passion of writing and storytelling. My ideal job would be to stay at my home office and write all day making up my own schedule, and only have to worry about having clean boxer-briefs and t-shirts to wear to work. I am lucky to have awesome friends, who I have been through thick and thin with over the years. I always tell myself I am going to bed early, but end up staying late having sex, reading a book, or finishing a journal entry. I always do manage to clock out for an hour on the couch to make up for what I lost the night before. I definitely am always going out on my own exploring new places, and new experiences. People don’t usually believe me when I tell them of the exciting adventures that I have when I am out and about. In the future I would like to take a 2 week road trip across the states in a large SUV, a couple of mountain bikes, a GPS, great music, and a lot of coffee. So are you in?

What I'm Looking For

I have learned that I would rather be with a girl with big dreams and zero money, than a girl with zero dreams and lots of money. I will confess I do like a bit of a bad girl. I am not talking about the raging bitch on wheels that smokes Marlboro reds type, but the type that pushes me to my limit, but creatively pulls me back in a moment of crazy passion when I least expected it. The truth is I am pretty genuine, and am looking for my partner in crime so we can have some fun. I am a sucker for creativity, intelligence, sarcasm, and quick wit. I need somebody that can break the tension when I get too serious, with an inside joke of ours relating to the topic, or something we were weak over last night. The right woman is going to push me to be my very best, and I am going to push her. I am not looking to find someone that completes me, but one that complements me. I want a girl that will go over the top to bolster my ego, and I will return the favor to you, because in my heart you and I both know you are the most amazing beautiful girl I have ever had the grace to be with. I will slip sincere, thoughtful, love messages into your coat pocket for you to find at a later time, along with other text messages here and there to let you know I am thinking of you. If your comfortable with yourself, have strong confidence, and are cavalier about exposing some of your flaws, we’ll definitely get along. But if you have beautiful blue eyes, and a dominating smile, and aren’t allergic to fun, I am already excited.

My perception of an ideal relationship:
You give me the comfort like my favorite t-shirt. I can be myself around you without ever feeling judged. I can be in the office writing, and you can be reading the newest edition of Cosmo, and we both feel completely content. I only want you, you only want me, and we communicate this verbally, physically, unconsciously, and very often. Unreal, down and dirty sexual enterprises, strong passionate kissing, and warm comfortable cuddling are the norm. I know we both will need guy and girl time, but we will miss each other when were apart. You don’t get sick of me, and I never get sick of you. We will get into fights, but not for long, we won’t go to bed until we “hug it out”. Unrivaled companionship, unequalled generosity, and unconditional love builds a timeless long-term relationship.

What I have learned from the past relationships
Laughing so hard you come close to cracking a rib is priceless. Nobody is perfect so don’t try to be. If the relationship is worth it I will try, if it isn’t I won’t. Be careful what you say, you can be forgiven, but some things are never forgotten. In order to reap the greatest rewards in a romantic relationship, you have to have the courage to expose yourself and all your flaws. (Usually it’s a lot easier than you would think). Live your life how you want to, and never apologize for it. Any relationship will require time, effort, and at times an uphill battle, and even when things come together effortlessly; realize you still have a lot of work to do.


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