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I am lookign for a man of my dream
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  Age: 38   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: New York United States
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About Me

This is the first time in my life that I have advertised myself for anything on a personal level, but here I am and there you are out there somewhere wanting me to find you too. So, for this reason I have hope. When I thought about what to write to you about me my thoughts were that I could spend a deal of effort in providing you with simple details of what I look like, or what I like to do etc... and while that is important to know in order to establish compatibility, it would not assist you in knowing who I am in my heart, my soul, and my mind... And that is what I desire to be loved for, and this is what I would fall in love with a man for. I am an optomistic woman, and I love this life, this planet, and I want to thrive in it. I believe it is important that you get to know my authentic self; who I am, what I stand and live for. I believe it is imperative that you understand what my belief's are regarding love, and companionship. First of all, I am still a true believer that a lasting love exist. Life is full of trials and tribulations, and when my heart and spirit was hurt it may have seemed easier to give up on believing in love. Through each and every trial and tribulation that I have faced in my life time, I continue to be optimistic about my life, my happiness, and my destiny. I "Believe In All Things" as God had asked us to do. I have learned to be grateful for my life's experiences, for they have taught me many beautiful things. There are those that have said to me that this kind of love does not exist on this planet. I say to them I will never give up on something that my very soul knows exist; so, I strive forward keeping the faith and hope. My heart, mind, and soul will remain open and ready for the day we find one another. I'm grateful for my life, my experiences, and most of all God for the wisdom I have gained, and the opportunity to search for my true companion. I believe that when we are in a relationship on any level we should always be mindful to "Do unto others what you would want done unto you" by following this we have an understanding of how one should be treated. I believe in being completely monogamous, and loyal in my commitment to my companion, and I would pray that my companion believes in this value as well, even when we not being fulfilled in the relationship. I am a very open and honest person, and I would be grateful to have the same in return. I care about my companions feelings, and desire his happiness as much as mine own. I enjoy being a part, and sharing in his dreams, hopes, ambitions, and desires. It is also my wish that he achieves success in every thing that he aspires. I believe life is a journey and it is most beautiful when you have companionship that you are able to share life's journey with. If after you have finished reading about me, and you find that I'm just going to deep about love and spirituality, than I'm truly sorry, but We were not meant for one another; however, my soul feels for you, and I pray you will be blessed with Love, Peace, Happiness, Good Health, and Safety in your journey through out your life.

What I'm Looking For

This is a question that I have pondered and prayed about through out my life, and it has taken me a life time to know, and be able to answer this for myself. I do know that from the depths of my heart, and spirit as a young child I have always felt of his very existence. I knew that one day the lord would graciously bless my life with a wonderful man to share life's journey with. I knew one day it would be revealed to me as to why my life was faced with relationship trials, and tribulations. There were many times through out my life's journey, that I felt I could spare myself further heartache, and disappointment. If I would only be willing to go the way of the world, and let go of the belief, that such a man existed for me. The Lord knows that I questioned this to him so many, many times, but the holy spirit reassured me that my conviction was true. There for, I stayed stead fast in this belief maintaining my faith. Through each experience, I have grown intensely spiritual, and my Love and Passion for Christ has enriched deeply. I have truly been blessed in wisdom, I have faced the adversities in my life, and it was the lord that gave me the strength to endure them. I have a strong, and true conviction that all this time God has been preparing me for this blessed day, the day that I will meet my soul-mate, and our souls will unite, and become as one. This miraculous man that I speak of is not of this world he is only thriving in it. He is waiting and searching for me too. I know in the depths of my soul that when our souls join together we will become one. Together we will move mountains, creating a safe passage... The radiant light that shines from our love for one another, and the purest of love we have for our Savior Jesus Christ will burn bright pa-thing the way for all of our children to witness, and for all humanity, as we are all Gods Children... So, If you are asking me in earthly terms to describe who I would love to meet in this life time. I can describe him as a man who has an infinite amount of Love for our Savior Jesus Christ. I do not fear that he will not recognize me, because it is through God that he will know me, and I will know him. He will be the only one man on this vast planet of ours that will be given the sacred key to my heart for an eternity. So, if you are him and you are reading this, I have waited in faith my life time for you to join me for an eternity.

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