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Hey! I am right here! *waves*
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The Basics
  Age: 35   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Watauga Texas United States
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  A few extra pounds
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  Very Short
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About Me

If you are looking for a mean, rough kind of guy.. I am not him. I don't have tattoos yet, although I may get one someday, I am just an all around soft hearted guy. I don't own a pitbull and if you did I might be nervous to come over. I like small/medium dogs, I love cats, I enjoy a video game from time to time but I am casual about it! I don't sit around in a basement playing games, in fact I might play one about once or twice a week for 30 minutes. Even still, I am a huge geek because I value culture and intelligence over raw strength. You might not find that exciting because maybe you want the incredible hulk to hold you in his massive green arms! Fine by me, I guess I am not your guy! I value the bond that two people can share and I think true love takes time, because love is a bond just like you form with any friend.

If you like Karaoke, you will enjoy hanging with me! I love it, I go about once a week when I can and belt out my worst to torture everyone! Life is short and you should always be able to look back and say "I had a great time!".

I work as an internet marketer, my goals recently have been to get into commercial real estate as a side job to my existing job. I don't plan to stop until I am well off and can travel the world having all the fun a person should have! I would love to share that with someone I care for. If you are looking for ambition in a man, you found the right guy but you might not be able to handle it.

The difference between me and a lot of guys, especially around here is the fact that I live to further myself culturally. We live post millennium and we are Americans! In order to stay such an Amazing country, we have to fight every day to improve ourselves because we are in a global economy with peers who would do their best to look down on us. We have to be stronger and greater than before and I want to be that way and bring my friends as well as family up in life so that they think that way as well and grow with me. Impossibility can't be determined until you try, so fight for what you believe in!

Finally, #4 on the list of things to describe is my taste in music. At the moment I am all about LMFAO! I find the pop culture references hilarious, the music is awesome, and I really plan to learn to shuffle! Otherwise, I am not so much a country guy, I will tolerate it though. The rest is a huge mixed bag of randomness! I love Linkin Park, Duran Duran, Foo Fighters, Peter Cetera (yes I am a cornball), Japanese/Korean pop, Verka Seduchka (a Ukrainian artist), and the list could go on for ages to include Snoop Dogg, Weird Al, and Al Jolson and about a bazillion other names.

What I'm Looking For

I don't know who I am looking for! However I like a down to earth woman who has a great sense of humor. Someone fun! Someone who likes to be themselves and just live life to the fullest at all times!

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