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Cant beleive im on this.
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  Age: 33   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Staten Island New York United States
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  None but want some soon
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About Me

Well how to start one of these. I', new to online dating so I'm not to sure how to make this profile all intresting and eye catching with black and white font =), but I'll try. I'm about 5"6 , brown hair and blue eyes. I'm from Staten Island, NY. Now I know whats you are thinking, he is from Staten Island so, he is a fist pumper, runnnnn. No lol I'm not. I'm very down to Earth and laid back, I don't even go to clubs. I'm aways there for the people I care about, I'll even sit next to you with a straight face when you tell everyone we met through friends lol. When I was growing up I was very interested in film and went to school for it. Found out it wasn't for me so I'm in school for Ciminology, I want to work in forensics. Work full time, off weekends and I'm a sketch artist. Always up to try something knew. I'm really just looking for somone who isn't here to play games. I've been through enough of that. annnnnnd one more thing:
you are not to bright ifff:
.you wear roman sandals.played out in like 400 b.c..how would you like if we dated and i decided to go out in a helmet,warrior boots,sword and shield...didn't think so..let the passed stay there lol
.you think celebreties can get away with cheating by saying they are sexoholics
.you actually care what celebrities are doing
.you believe in 2012
.you think aliens visit our planet...yes they travel millions of light years to write in our corn and molest our red necks
.if you wanna look like paris hilton
.if you spend more time at the gym and tanning salon then you do learning about the world around you
.you write my name without an h..my names isnt Cris.its Chris
.if you beleive in global warming
.if you don't think O.J. did it
.you get your nails done to painfully pull them off in a week
.when you go tanning you put lil pictures on yourself to have a tan design such as a playboy bunny or star on your skin lol
.you where pants with your thong straps pulles up and sticking out
.you walk around half naked and wonder why you get treated like a piece of meat
.you're a Scientoligist lol
.if your pics are of you have naked and you say "i'm sick of jerks only wanting me for my looks and body".welll then cover it up you idiot

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What I'm Looking For

Be different. Don't be like every other girl. If you are still going out partying at bars and drinking, don't bother messaging me. I'm getting to old for that and it makes you look pathetic =)

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