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im 27 light skin brotha,who loves pleasing.
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  Age: 33   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Port charlotte Florida United States
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  Yes - not living with me
  Occaisional smoker
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About Me

WHATS UP! my name is MASON..im a very giving person.i am a christian...but i dont go to church..to many hypocrits..i dont really hangout with anyone..i work and go home..occasionally ill go to the looney bin, with my bro..right now im tryin to pick up another job.been tryin to stay out of trouble....just waitin for time to pass so i can go to college..i have a couple ideas of what i wanna do for schooling..mayb psychiatrist..or mechanic..i dont know..i'll see when the time comes..OH!..i almost forgot...i walk by faith..kinda jus started..its a very hard road.doesn't pay much...hears the deal...i got caught driving on a suspended dL.then i had to go to court for that..before all that i was waiting..and filling apps..and nothing for like 5 months..then i go to court..then next day i get a call from hess for a interview..i was mad excited..lol...so ever since then i really try to listen to my..."feeling"..i dont know how else to describe it..other than.. a feeling i get..like someone NOT in physical form is telling me something.faith...is a very difficult..i wanna say skill..but its not a skill..like you can pull out of you everytime..you just really have to pay attention to certain feelings you get..like when they say your concieous is tryin to tell you something..like that sick felling jus before something bad is gonna happen..i think thats the lord lettin you know.anyways..i'm done rambling..i'm 27 yrs old.white male,6'3..180lbs.i have a son, but the mother isnt letting me see him..cuz of my record..i'm really not a bad guy..just in the wrong place at the wrong time..
What I'm Looking For

im lookin for someone who is a giving person..doesnt care about glamour or how they look all the time. cuz honestly i love to work on cars..thats my main hobby..untill i get a special someone in my life.she doesnt have to be the hottest women..average is ok with me..not to picky..but that booty gotta have some curv to it.lol..if you know wut i mean.i dont care about ethnicity..i want to explore.

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