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  Age: 34   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: springfield Massachusetts United States
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  Blonde, Brown
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  Casual, Stylish, Clean Cut   Average
About Me

im tired of work and no play and people who want to say they will get together and then dont...im an open door policy.. my friends knock then come in, my neighbors if they need something they ask.. ive just recently feel like ive been falling off the human connection... where are the realists and people who dont mind going out and being bored with another ones company.. at the end of it all theres only so much you can do.

i feel that this is a way of prescreening a person on a very impersonal level but i am a personal person and not shy about meeting or talking to new people..but people gotta be less stingy with selections lol

i just moved to back to massachusette from a long year in phoenix Az and part of Kansas for a Gov't Job and now ive finally moved back to the city area to go back to school and see my family and little cousins

i couldnt love life more and i am hoping to meet interesting people and make a few friends if possible as well as go out and be introduced to what may be around the area.

I cant spit game and i can only be who i am.. dont be shy or stingy.. i promise you would be missing out if you dont drop a line to say hi

dont hesitate to message me 1st.. I hold my head high to anything that happens.
im sure you and i are more than meets the eye.

i enjoy all types of music from punk to classical to ska and back to blues.. i write music as well and was a states diver to go to nationals.
i work out, i run, i hike, swim, rock out to all types of music..i love dancing even though i cant..lol im not your average or typical guy.. i like sports but dont follow them..

i enjoy what life throws at me at any point in time or at every turn and try not to regret anything.. hopefully you think im interesting enough to say hello.

i dont want to talk about me anymore i want to hear about you :-)

What I'm Looking For

well the last 3 girlfriends i had , had cheated on me . so i am looking for someone who is respectable , honest and truthful no matter what the issue is that ever arises there is always a way to fix things by being open and talking about anything.. people seem to hide too much from themselves and become closed-minded.. i experience life for what it is no matter where i am and live everyday as an experiment whether i succeed or fail at something, i did it and i learned. i am unusual i am cool i am quirky i am fun i have goals and talents and morals and values but i am human i make mistakes at times but im living it every moment everyday

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