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  Age: 25   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Queen Creek Arizona United States
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  Casual, Stylish, Clean Cut   Average
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About Me

I'm random
I'm crazy
I don't always make sense, but that's who i am
I confuse people alot
Then I laugh at how clueless they seem
Yet, I am just as clueless as them, if not more
I don't understand guys
I get tongue tied around the ones I like
But am perfectly fine with the ones that are my friends and only my friends
I am perfectly imperfect...
and if you don't like me...
say it to my face i can take it.
that's who i am in a nutshell
if you want to know more just ask

What I'm Looking For

1) Be an individual - Live for yourself. Improve and grow as an individual. No other person can "complete" you, but they can certainly completely screw you up and over. Don't live to please women, because you simply can't. If issues arise on your end, deal with them. If issues arise from their end, let them deal with it. Love cannot exist with out freedom of will and choice. That's why people go to war over freedom, it is the essential ingredient that separates man from beast.

2) Be a assertive - You get what you ask for in life. Have high standards, make them known and them leave it be. If you are fearful or jealous or aggressive or use guilt to try to convince a me to be in a certain way, i'll do the EXACT opposite. Ever told a child "DON'T YOU DARE DO THIS or THAT?!" What do they do. Exactly what you told them not to. Maybe they will refrain out of fear temporarily, but eventually they will make it their goal to do exactly what you don't want them to. Why? Because freedom is more important than any other thing to the human spirit. God made us have the ability to love by choice not by force.

3) A man with no voices is not a man at all - We all know i love bad boys. Why? Because they want to change them, or at least see if they can be have a man with messed up priorities stay loyal to them. Which is wrong in SO many ways... If i do something wrong tell me don't try to hide it.... Tell it to my face i can take it.

4) Be slightly arrogant and into yourself more than you are into her - Be a little cocky, but in a funny (smirk on your face) kind of way. I like to smile and laugh.. I'll go over the top to try to get your attention, so don't crack, be steadfast. I'm not an item that you "pick up" in an aisle off a grocery store shelf. I want to let go around you, and to do that I need to see that you are confident in yourself.


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