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Looking for a meet women to love
Online: 2885 days ago   Updated: 2885 days ago   Joined: 2885 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 65   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: fairfax Virginia United States
The Details
Body Type:
  Voluptuous, Thin, Athletic   Slim
  Average, Stocky
  Average, Trendy, Casual
Hair Length:
  Medium, Very Short, Long   Very Long
  Shoulder Length
  Yes - not living with me
Sexual Orientation:
  Bisexual, Straight, Bi-Curious
About Me

I am looking for somebody caring and fun. I was divorced in 2006 and haven't been really dating since. I have two great kids both in their mid 20s. My son is in the Coast Guard and my daughter is a professional clarinetist in Chicago. I grew up in Brooklyn and moved to VA for my job (computers IT) in 1993. I really enjoy the outdoors, old movies, history, beach, hanging out in DC, site seesing, fishing, football, baseball, coffee shops, long drives, camping, traveling, sushi, and BBQ. I also enjoy dancing, but I have been known to dance uncontrollably at weddings and embarrass all my relatives.
I live in Fairfax VA. I'm 57 yrs old, 140 lbs, 5'7, blue eyes, slim.

What I'm Looking For

My sex wishes.
1) Love to suck your tits.
2) Love to put my cock between your tits
3) Love to eat your pussy
4) Love to put my finger in your pussy.
5) Love to put my cock on your ass and play with it.
6) While I'm eating your pussy you can suck my cock.
7} We are in the movies and you play with my cock. I also play with your pussy.
8) We are taking a nice drive in the country and you give me a blow job, while I'm driving
9) You dress in something really lacing and sexy. Love boots on a women, big turn on for me.
10) Have sex in every room in the house.

Sex positions.
1) normal 69
2) you on top in different positions
3) turn you over and take you while playing with your big tits
4) I'm open to anything you like. You have a great body.
I love doggy style
1. Guy sitting on couch. Girl straddling.
2. Girl lying on couch. Guy standing over her.
3. Guy standing. Girl going down on him.
4. Guy on top, manually stimulating girl.
5. Missionary.
6. Missionary, girl wrapping her legs around his torso.
7. Guy on top, girl’s left leg on his shoulder.
8. Both sitting cross-legged, girl with her legs wrapped around his torso.
9. Girl on top.
10. Guy standing up, girl’s legs wrapped around his torso.
11. Doggy-style with guy holding girl’s legs up, girl resting forearms and head on bed.
12. Doggy-style, guy and girl standing.
13. Doggy-style, both on bed.

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