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Cuddley open-minded person!!!!
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  Age: 26   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Marquette Michigan United States
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  A few extra pounds
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  Very Long
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About Me

I am everything but nothing at the same time. I live life the way I think I should live it. Take each day as it comes, that is what I have been taught. I make the decisions that need to be made as they are thrown at me. My life is my own whether I screw it up or not, that is my choice and I always have the chance to make it better. I sit here in the cold hoping one day I will get some where warmer; my plans are Georgia. I like to read, write and be around people. I am a big outdoors person so the beach and woods are my heaven. I like to go out to clubs and dance but doing that alone is never fun. I am very outgoing and I am outspoken. I find the humor in every situation but know when its time to be serious. I listen to all kinds of music except oldies and I am a singer, I have been singing since elementry school. I do not play video games, its like personal torture to me. I like movies too, although I cant watch them alone. I am a great listener. I strongly believe in a lot, for example I am Wiccan and I love to answer questions for people that are interested in learning. For those that want to make fun of it, dont ask, it only gets me mad. I am a hopeless romantic and I think getting lost in the woods with the person I care for would be sortta fun. I know how to survive, and at the same time I need someone to hear me more then ever. That's just me. deal wit it =)

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What I'm Looking For

As for the person I am looking for, I realize that the dream man is impossible so looking for him would mean a long lonely life with my cats. "When I am upset he will hold me tight","who will bring me flowers just because",who will just talk to me", "who will tell me that I look beautiful" are statements of simple acts of respect towards your significant other; exactly what I am looking for. If I will put myself out there for him and treat him like a king then why shouldn't I get the same treatment? There is no one way street people lol.
"Who will throw pebbles at my window at night", "who will let me fall asleep in his arms", "who will sing to me no matter how awful he may sound", "who will slow dance with me even if there's no music", "who will kiss me in the rain." I love acts of romance. It's the little things that count.
"When he falls in love with me he will tell me." Because most likely I fell too ^.^


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