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If u wnt ths woman's heart tak it lik a man,gently
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The Basics
  Age: 65   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Norman Oklahoma United States
The Details
Body Type:
  Voluptuous, Average
  Yes - not living with me
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About Me

Yep I'm curvy(c pic)."The Curve's more powerful than th sword"..Mae West. If U need athletic R bony move on..it ain't me. I don't hav a teenage body cause I'M a woman. NEWS FLASH..U don't either no matter wht u think. U mirror plays tricks on u..LOL Ur eyes are the first thing 2 go..well 4 some the second...oops~ I'm a litl classy, litl nauty, litl adventurous n litl sensual..evn a litl gypsy. Sounds like I might've multiple personalities? Diamonds hav many facets N r 4ever. Am I perfect?..heck NO, I can be a lady or a b*tch, depending on the situation. Treat me rite I'm a lady, treat me bad, I'm a bi*ch. Do I want a perfect man?..NO, imperfections make us unique.
Rita Hayworth once said,"men go 2 bed w/"Gilda",a dream and in the mornin wake up w/reality". Gilda was a sexy character in her most famous movie. I think its a common mistak and probably Y a lot of relatinships go no where on here. There's NOT a healthy balance btween dreams n reality. Reality: we just wnt 2 be LOVED. And that starts th real dream. Am I attractive, good lookin, yes, am I a beauty queen..no. Who I am is real simple. I'm a woman, mother n grndmothr..culd be ur companion, lover, confidant, best friend. Be 4warned...I dance to a different beat, actually I creat my own beat. I like being outside the box. In fact u can put me on a pedistol I won't fall off.*) But I'm not lookin 4 a 1 nite stand...they'r a dime a doz, OK a quarter, inflation thing. We all kno what brokn hearts and brokn promises feel like..crap. We kno how hard it is 2 get out of a situation, how many people get hurt. Yes my hearts been bruised bcause I had th courge 2 share it and will again. If I fall I'll get back up I've done it b4. Age is a state of mind. I'm not growin old..just oldr. NEVER call me ur old lady..or bless ur soul. Frm Jeans 2 Heels/Country 2 Opera. I need music daily. "Music is that which washes from the soul the dirt of everyday life"

Things I've learned:
Choclate's NOT bettr thn sex
Textin can b 4play
Real women hav curves
Real men don't hav 2 hav BIG biceps
MY Heart seems 2 b attached 2 anothr vital organ
Men R bettr @ causal sex
Roll w/the flow..it's not worth th stress
Childrens laffs tickl my heart
1 breast sags a tiny bit
There R good men and women n this world
Success isn't determined by $$
Rejection hurts n UNkindness bruises my spirit
A man w/confidence AND attitude IS SEXY.
2 B "IN" love n have it returned IS heaven
Believe nothin of what u hear and 1/2 of what u C
It's not th men in my life tht count it's th LIFE in MY MAN
Dancin w/curvy women is a lota fun

What I'm Looking For

I'm not gona say all the typical fluff u read on these things. Every1 on here is some1's EX. We all think we're great. We all hav good points n some not so good..we're human Reality: Liers and cheatrs don't believe they r so Y ask. Don't try n say u nevr told a litl white lie...ha.
U can tell a lot by the way a man handles 4 things: a rainy day, elderly n children, lost luggage and tangled Xmas tree lights. I want a man not a boy, 1 who walks th walk. 1 w/NO FEAR..Not just of "lions n tigers n bears, O my"..but NO fear of showing strong Character n Integrity, NO fear of laffin or cryin when necessary. One 2 walk bside me, where we both compliment r strenghs, support r weaknesses. Must Luv ur family..Not estranged frm ur children just Ur EX. Must b capable of enjoying our families together..This'll take patience..Lol. MUST enjoy intimacy AS WELL as a healthy sex life..It's the CLOSEST THING 2 HEAVEN ON EARTH.."Immature luv says I luv u because I need u. Mature luv says I need u BECAUSE I luv u." U MUST b able 2 understand this. Lookin 4 only 1 MAN, a friend, lover, companion and a litl nauty. "A man's kiss IS his signature". There definitely needs 2 be chemistry, heat..U just feel it when u meet..somethings there. I don't have 1 foot in th grave n U can't either. I will only give 1 guarantee..If th chemistry IS there, U will always hav a smile on Ur face, either in anticipation or from satisfaction. I'm NOT lookin 4 some1 2 luv me, my family does..I'm lookin 4 someone 2 B "IN LOVE" w/me. When I laff I want someone 2 laff w/me...sometimes I want a shoulder 2 lean on or a soft place 2 fall. O yea n some1 2 cut my grass *). I would like 2 think that I pop into ur head frm time 2 time during th day w/excitement in ur heart n convince me of it...Ur reward will b great. When U look @ me I want U 2 smile and feel warmth in ur heart..I will 4 U. I want 2 b the blood that runs thru ur veins. I WANT 2 KNO UR DREAMS and MAKE THEM MINE.

I hav a home, car, job, I don't NEED a man just want 1 AND his heart.
Am I askin 4 to much? Nah, U want th same right?

So u made it 2 th end WOW! good 4 U. AND YES I CAN SPELL


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