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  Age: 30   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Overland Park Kansas United States
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About Me

Okay so about me: I'm a very loyal, loving person, and I’m very optimistic. I have never seen the point in being a pessimist because I think that would be a miserable way to live your life. Of course I understand that there are also times when being a realist is necessary too. I always like to think that people are generally good and until they give me a reason to the contrary I try to give them the benefit of doubt. I can be spontaneous but for the most part I like to have a plan. I’m not talking about everyday I plan everything out, but if I am doing something on the weekend I like to have some notice because lets face it, guys can get ready at the drop of a hat, but girls take a bit more time. I love kids and I have been babysitting/taking care of three little girls for six years and would eventually love to have my own. I’m not looking for that any time soon. I really am down to earth and pretty laid back. I have things that I like being down in certain ways, but I think pretty much everyone is like that. I'm an open book so you can ask me anything. I really love having a nice dinner, wine and conversation. I can ramble sometimes, so if I do when I'm talking to you, feel free to stop me. (I guess I am kind of doing that right now).

I love watching sports, especially the Minnesota Twins. I watch almost every time they play. I also watch all of the Vikings games. I love to read, spend time with my friends and family, and laying on the deck on a nice summer day reading and getting a tan. I have a few vacation spots that I love, and although I haven’t been to a lot of places I definitely would like to travel more and see new things. I have been going to Maui since I was 3 and I've never been somewhere else that tops it. I went skiing quite a bit when I was younger, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to go in quite a while. I have always wanted to go to Bora Bora, but it is pretty expensive to go there. When it comes to music, I will pretty much listen to anything from current pop/hip-hop to country. I had backstage passes to The Rolling Stones No Security Tour so they are one of my favorite groups. As far as TV shows, I like NCIS and Covert Affairs. When it comes to food, I will try almost anything. I work at a law firm as a legal assistant for one of the partners, I manage one of his other businesses, and I do accounting and billing also. I have an accounting background so it is a great combination for me that always keeps me busy. If you'd like to know anything else just ask. I know I gave you a ton of information there!

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What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for someone who is stable and has integrity, someone who is fun and loving with ambitions, but has time to relax and spend time with me. One thing that is really essential for me is to have someone put in the effort equally in the relationship, communication, trust, and honesty. I don't want to be the one always driving to see someone, but I will do my part of it, but I would like it if they put in some effort to because it is important enough for them to see me, talk to me, and spend time with me. My ideal guy would be someone who doesn't have a short fuse when it comes to getting angry about something and someone who is willing to compromise and treat me with respect. A guy has to like me for me, even when I'm being goofy or a klutz, which occasionally does happen =), or when I tell bad stories or jokes, which will happen so feel free to make fun of me for it. In turn, I want someone to be able to be fun and goofy with me, be laid back, but also know when to take things serious. I am a romantic and would love it if someone liked doing romantic things too. I know I'm getting a little specific, but there is nothing that says you have to possess all of these qualities. This is probably getting a bit long, but if you think that you have some of these qualities I'd love to hear from you.

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