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Wanting to find someone who wants somthing real...
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The Basics
  Age: 39   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Pawtucket Rhode Island United States
The Details
Body Type:
  Athletic, Average
  Casual, Stylish, Clean Cut   Scruffy
  None but want some soon
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  Short, Medium
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About Me

Has it really come to this? Online dating? Whatever happened to the good old days, where you saw a pretty girl in class and wrote her a note with a 'check yes or no' box, only to have her wad it up and toss it in the trash. Or those countless hours spent in bars, trying to get up the nerve to talk to the girl across the room, hoping the other 23 guys who just struck out aren't bad omens for your success. On second thought, this sounds like a much better option. :) I should just check my ego at the door and be open-minded about this whole thing, huh? So here's a bit about me: I'm a born and raised Rhode Islander who's called "The Bucket", as us Rhode Islanders call it, home for a year now and I'm enjoying every second. But it's more fun enjoying the city with friends, so that's what I'm looking for. Anything else is a welcome bonus. Most people will probably tell you, I dont shut up. They call me "Jabber-Jaws" at work for a reason. Haha. Im a very open, caring and outgoing person who wears his heart on his sleeve. Im the type of guy that wants to find the girl I can truly adore, and be that guy who gives them what they deserve. I'll bend over backward for my friends, and will love them no matter what sometimes. Ive been blessed with friends that have been there for me through the worst and most difficult times in my life, and I cant repay them enough. Im extremely family oriented, and my parents are the world to me. My father is my bestest bestest friend, who would do anything for me and vice versa. And my mother will always be the number one woman in my life, but I have room for two number ones. Get to know me and you'll find that I'm the type of guy that works hard and plays hard, and when my mind is set on something Ill work my a*s off to get it. When I'm not working, odds are you can find me cleaning my house, out on the town, traveling, jogging, perfecting my burgeoning cooking skills, heading home to visit family or enjoying life with friends. Plus, I was raised by a father that taught me to have the utmost respect for women, that means I think it's a crime when a lady doesn't have her door held open for her. I'll confidently (and humbly, too) tell you that there's plenty more worth learning about.
What I'm Looking For

Is there such a thing as an ideal match? I'm sure we've all thought one up in our heads, but how realistic are those images? For me, it's hard coming up with the ideal because the perfect girl would be full of paradoxes... smart as a whip, yet with a care-free attitude... Incredibly capable, yet willing to let me hang pictures... Been around the block, yet still possesses some innocence... Has a strong faith in something, but can think for herself... Likes dressing down as much as she likes dressing up... As happy at a four-star restaurant as she is with pizza and a DVD... Confident yet insecure, outgoing yet reserved, classy, but knows a bad joke or three... Like I said before, there is alot more to know about me for those who dont know me already. If you're interested in knowing more, I wont turn you down.

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