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  Age: 59   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: oklahoma city Oklahoma United States
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About Me

I am an independent man, hoping to find someone to share time with. Not necessarily full time but someone who I can share my sense of humor with, share good times with, laugh and trust. I have a well rounded education and can hold an interesting conversation. I am not a man that must be with a woman to be a man...and can afford to wait for someone special and sure of herself.
I am compassionate, attentive, extroverted, curious, creative, intellectual, daring. I love being with people, I am very friendly, full of life, emotional, spontaneous. I'm pretty, secure, both emotionally financially happy,
I'm a communicator. I like to talk, joke and process just about anything. I like to feel close to my partner but I am not one to smother with needs or be demanding. Affection with open expression is one of life's great gifts that I do not view as embarrassing. I like togetherness but also value time alone to pursue time with male friends such as hunting/fishing, projects or just hanging out.

What I'm Looking For

My ideal relationship:
Building a close friendship that reveals a soul mate is what I'm hoping for. We need to be able to communicate honestly and share openly. Looking for: fun, creative, compassionate, energetic, open-minded, loving woman who loves the outdoors; someone who can start a family with me.
I'm looking for the woman who once went looking for Mr. Fun but found out that sometimes Fun is shallow and not there when you're having a bad day. I'm looking for the woman who wants depth in life and who wants to share as much as she wants to receive. I'm looking for a woman who has a deep, heart-felt connection to a broader world. I'm looking for a woman who knows that a good healthy relationship brings fun and meaning to the smallest and most unexpected places; someone who doesn't want to be entertained but wants to be happy and fulfilled.
Honesty is probably the most important thing to me. And what I expect of others I try to live up to myself. So here goes: down to earth, passionate, caring guy looking for a down-to-earth, passionate, caring woman. I look for creativity and an open mind that makes her beautiful. My background is in the visual arts, which I still use from time to time, but music is what really moves me. I love dark beer, dark chocolate, and espresso. I also love fly-fishing, camping, vegetable and flower gardening, and snow skiing. I could just as easily go out to a nice restaurant to try something new to eat, or stay at home and grill steak or chicken followed by ice cream on my back porch; or in the wintertime, popcorn by the fireplace. I hope the woman I find will be as passionate about making a better life and enjoy the outdoors as much as I do.


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