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10 ways to scare a guy off, including me, inside!
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  Age: 30   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Virginia United States
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About Me

Music: Dance, dubstep, anything that goes beepboop blop, you know what I'm talking about. Rap/Hip Hop mostly what you don't hear on the radio. Bone Thugs, Tech N9ne, Twista, anything from the midwest/the faster the better! Atmosphere, Ice Cube, Del, Die Antword, Wallpaper. As far as metal if the riffs are sick, and it doesn't sound like noise I'll love it. I have over 40,000 songs in my playlist so for me its all about the bass and the movement. Also KISS!

Reading: If I read anything then its going to be horror/suspense. Campfire stories, or the great Stephen King! I do tend to get stuck reading random information such as samurai history, how things work, latest tech development. I mean come on I am a Geek at heart.

Movies: Comedies! Horror, ZOMBIES! Love a good zombie flick(or a bad one for that matter)! Anything with breasts. Also anything set in the 18th or 19th century like Napoleon, Schindler's List, Amadeus and boring crap like that. Jason Statham, or HUGE Jackman!

Sports: Volleyball, UFC, Martial Arts in general. My passion is ESports. Starcraft, Halo, COD, League of Legends. I used to compete on a 4v4 team in Halo back in 08/09. I now reff for MLG so I also get paid for playing games. :P

Other Interests: Sitting in a hot tub listening to dance music and having a Caribou Lou with good company. Love traveling, going to NC/MD for vacation, spend a few days every other month traveling for MLG! Computers, building custom PCs, cars, learning to fix or build anything new. Competition, and proving people wrong when they say I can't do something.

10 ways to scare a guy off, including me, inside!

10.Tell him that he looks like your father.

9.Tell him that he looks like your mother.

8.Talk about your doll collection in third person.

7.Talk about your recent hernia operation.

6.Showing him the hernia in a jar.

5.Confessing your love for Hitler on the first date. You should wait at 2 or 3 dates for that one.

4.Talk about your coworkers annoying habits while pinching food off his plate.

3.Talk about children or marriage on the first date.

2.Say you look nothing like your photo after you sent him a photo of Imogene Bailey.

1.Last but not least, never say "I've seen bigger" about any part of his body.

Now if you promise not to talk about these things send me a message. Be warned I'm not looking for pen pals. I'm too much fun to be around to just leavde it at emails.

Next week I'll list the top 10 things guys don't want to hear women say, including my favorite, "That's not the way my ex did it".

What I'm Looking For

Looking for in a Woman: Incredibly intelligent and amazingly beautiful. Someone who finds my jokes funny is a plus. No stalkers or clingy people please, I'm not sure what I want, but I know its not that. Someone who believes anything in life is possible, because it is!

Things that are sure to help get a date with me.

1. if you can beat me or even stand toe to toe with me 1v1 in Halo 1-4.
2. Finish the sentence. "Dun da da dun..." or "This Ring..."
3. Have prowess at beatboxing.
4. The promise of homemade Bulgogi. Because as all you lades know the way to a mans heart s through his stomach. ;)
5. Promise to wear a sundress on the first date. i love a true lady! :3

A few things to note.
1. i am on here to find something real and build from that.
2. if you are searching for a booty call go elsewhere. if you find yourself on a date with me please do not push yourself onto me. i will make the first move. (Yes. guys have this problem too)
3. i do not want to be your pen pal and would love to have real life interactions with you in person. Like a DATE 0.0 ohhh ;P
4. if you cant message me with more than one word at a time then don't even send me your first message!


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