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  Age: 39   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Indiana United States
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About Me

straight up i am the cats meow. if you even catch a whiff of my scent little pussycat, your ingsheart will never be the same. no, i am a fella who loves many things! i traditionally love snowboarding and climbing. baseball and football. straight up,i have truly strong friendships that i keep longterm. when i am solid with someone, there is no doubt where i stand. i have lived many places and honestly likely will live a couple more. the greatest likelyhood is ending up in southern california (where most of my family is and roots and good unique employment for me) and or washington state, the state i love dearly and many of my brothers reside. i spent years as an infantryman, and years framing houses. oh oh i love animals so much! i am currently about to take a job exclusive to ex combat mos military members that will have me in the middle east again for about 4 months but the money is well worth it and risk is minimal. why would i be on here then you may ask? truthfully i am not erafraid of falling in love with the right woman and making this life fantastic together. i love traveling and doing things alone but would be about finding someone who is ready to mutually love this life together. i am a total lover but will not mess with trash. dance with me baby!
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What I'm Looking For

honestly i believe the dna is mixed up so fantastically that this is a difficult description to project! we are all so different that i cannot truly say for certain. i would be all about a woman who has confidence in herself and me. someone who can believe in herself and me. someone wise enough not to fall into obvious pitfalls yet brave enough to fight and make this life something beyond the pale yet hopefully see the beauty of grey when thats whats in front of you. wemen are all so different and i am not at all about conquering or getting with a bunch of you but the part of me that is searching, will so search. once its on i am truthfully a hot and fast lover. in a relationship i am very affectionate and probably kindof an intense lover. not like real rough or lick your face off in public but yeah. im all about taking trips with you, quiet movie/dinner nights, or all out being stupit!

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