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have you seen my baseball?!
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  Age: 41   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: harrisburg Pennsylvania United States
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  None but want some soon
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About Me

Im looking for someone I can talk to, share stories, life experiences, etc... I enjoy the simple things life has to offer. A warm fire, a walk in the woods, a good movie, a tastey meal with someone to laugh with. I could care less about the labels on your clothing, your life consuming career, a 200 dollar bottle of wine because in the end, all of these materialistic things are complications that take away from the good stuff. If wealth, expensive cars, and a penthouse in the tropics are your main goals in life, then good for you, I hope you have it. I grew up near pittsburgh so philly fans need not apply (JK, it is fun to have some rivalry) I dont have anything against drama, life is drama. but there is good drama and bad drama...example: Im pregnant...good drama Im pregnant, it may be yours but it might be chips baby...not so good. another example, the house burnt down...good drama(now stay with me here cuz I know its not good for your house to burn down) The house burnt down, that **** matilda i work with started the fire, I know she did cuz I was talking to shenene at work and she says that **** has it in for me cause her man was huggin on me 6 months ago! They werent even going out then, can you believe that ho has the nerve...ok, you get the point. That brings me to one of my favorite activities...People watching. People fascinate me at times, mostly when they are unaware of someone observing their actions. when people are by themselves their actions arent scripted, this is the true person. Watch that same person when approached by someone, their demeanor completely changes. oh how I love people watching. Bowling, I like bowling, who would have ever thought knocking down ten wooden pins with a 16 lb rolling ball could be so entertaining. Women who bowl in fishnet stockings(strange fetish of mine) ok, so I like the sunshine, but hate to be out in it. Love the beach but only at night. Enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass but who the hell likes to cut grass. Think the changing leaves of autumn are beautiful, until they all fall off then they have to be raked. Love the thrill of the hunt, but not too thrilled of the killing part. Used to be a tree hugger until I had to rake all those damn leaves. Ummmm, oh yeah I despise cupcakes with sprinkles on them. I suppose thats enough senseless babble for one little profile
What I'm Looking For

Someone that has a brilliant sense of humor. Can laugh at this enigmatic adventure known as life. I prefer someone that takes care of herself and enjoys being active. Will wear those fishnets and smile while doing it! Well that's not a deal breaker

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