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can i be your prince charming??
Online: 2639 days ago   Updated: 2639 days ago   Joined: 2639 days ago
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  Age: 27   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Oregon United States
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  None but want some soon
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About Me

Hello Everyone :) let me start out by saying this 1st, IF u just want a **** buddy, or want to talk then up an ignore me or sum bs dont bother thx. now ill tell u about me.. My name is kevin i graduated Stayton high School in 09 im the youngest of 2 sisters an 1 brother, i live at home, do to b close to my mother because she is disabled so i tend to help her, but doesnt mean i wouldnt move out with a gurl if it got serious. i just dont have anyone so ya. iv had a rough life but it made me relize so many things an also made me strong.sometimes i watch my niece for the state an other niece an nephew just for free to help my brother an sister in law i love to help peopl in need,Im Also a big Family person i love my family very much an appreciate all they do for me,i believe people lose sight of the little things in life, an every moment, an second should be like it was your last. i love kids but yet to have any of my own, i would rather wait until im ready. Im not a judgemental type, nor am i a cheater or lier or a fake what u see is what u get. im a sweet caring type. but a fighter when it comes to holding my place with my gf if i have 1. but dont like to fight if i can avoid it at all costs. I currently just got my permit, do to a family death car crash but over came myfear,im very open minded, My Fav Color IS green an some others. i like all kinds of foods accept steak an others.(not a vegetarian lol) i love all types of music besides oprah lol. im a big cuddle bear when it comes to sittin on a couch with my gurl an wrappin my arms around her stomach an let her lay on my chest or wherever she wanna lay on me. But also like to play wrestle an stuff. umm Im a unique person because i have my own style, an beliefes an different perspective on things. I LOVE to make people laugh, i an i love kickin it with my friends. a big thing for me i respect, you show me some ill do it right back but u dont show me any haha u aint gettin none

:*Other Things*:

1. My Dream would be to be with someone an move in with them, an eventually have children, an have a successful life.

2. Other past Relationships have failed either from, liers, cheaters, fakes, I dont lay that bs highschool drama crap, want something real an not o talk 1 time, an ur not interested. Get to kno me then u will see there is more then the eye see's.

3. I have 1 tattoo so far, had my left ear pierced, an my labret but lost my labret in the drain haha so gotta get a new 1

4. have my permit, plan on getting license

anything else u care to kno please dont be affraid to ask im a very open person

What I'm Looking For

Someone Real an not fake, not a lier or cheater, someone who lets me b me. sweet,caring, doesnt play head games an has to know what they want. someone inspirational, knows how to laugh an have a good time.

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